Ted Harvey: ‘It’s as Though the Clinton Campaign Held a Gun to the FBI Director’s Head’ and Forced Him to Dump Report on Labor Day Weekend

FILE -In this file photo combo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, left, and FBI Director James. Comey. (AP Photo/File)
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On Tuesday morning’s Breitbart News Daily, Colorado state Senator Ted Harvey, founder of the StopHillaryPAC, told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow that Hillary Clinton’s health was “something to be concerned about.”

However, he said he was “more concerned about what was in the FBI report that the FBI released on Friday.”

“The fact that the FBI would release that information on a Friday afternoon, before a three-day holiday, I think is outrageous,” Harvey said. “It is as though the Hillary Clinton campaign machine held a gun to the FBI director’s head and said, ‘Do not release this during the week; release this on a holiday.’”

“You read through that information, and it is proving the fact that she did go around the FBI,” he asserted. “She did do everything she could to undermine the subpoena that the FBI submitted to her and deleted information on her server that would compromise her and the investigation that the FBI was doing.”

He said incredulously:

And the FBI doesn’t do anything about it? The FBI just turns their head and says, “Oh, well, that’s too bad. Wish we would have gotten that information.” And then proves, in my opinion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she did violate federal law – and then [FBI Director James] Comey comes forward and doesn’t indict?

“I would be embarrassed, if I were Comey. I would be embarrassed if I worked for him, if I were FBI investigators that worked for Comey,” he said, adding:

I just think it’s outrageous what is going on with our federal government, and the way they are doing everything they can to cover up what’s going on with Hillary Clinton, and how corrupt she is, and continuing to try to ensure that she’s the next President of the United States.

Marlow suggested the obviously political timing of the FBI release might have been part of a deal with Clinton to obtain information, in exchange for making the final report public at the most advantageous moment for her presidential campaign.

“They’re not supposed to be negotiating with somebody that they are investigating, who has violated federal law,” Harvey objected:

They are supposed to be giving complete and total information to the American public and being transparent with the American public. … The FBI is not supposed to be working for Hillary Clinton, and if you ask me, it looks like they are an arm of the Clinton campaign.

“I believe we’re getting to the point where the entire federal government is corrupt,” he warned. “When you see the FBI doing the bidding of a presidential campaign, when she doesn’t even work for the federal government anyddmore, I’m embarrassed for Director Comey right now.”

Harvey spotlighted the FBI’s revelation that as soon as Clinton learned she was under investigation, her team “immediately went forward and started deleting her server.”

He stated:

Even after she had a subpoena, they started deleting her server. When she knew that there was information the FBI wanted, she deleted emails that would have been very instrumental in the investigation. They would have probably tied the Clinton Foundation more to what she was doing as the secretary of state.

He also took note of the many occasions on which Clinton deflected FBI questions by claiming she could not recall pertinent information, and how she implausibly claimed not to understand the meaning of classification markings on documents.

“Give me a break,” Harvey exclaimed, elaborating:

My brother works for the Foreign Service. Every single employee that is dealing with classified information knows what classified documents look like. This is the secretary of state, the head of our diplomatic corps, who is trying to imply to the FBI and to the American public that she doesn’t understand what a classified document looks like? And the FBI just says, “Oh, okay, that’s all right. We understand. Thank you very much.” It’s ridiculous that the FBI is letting her get away with what they are doing.

Harvey said that his StopHillaryPAC has “developed an army across the United States,” over two million strong.

He asserted:

We are raising money to continue to run very hard-hitting commercials during all of the debates that will be coming up. We are hounding Hillary every day, through emails and social media. We are probably the most influential arm of the effort to stop Hillary and make sure that she never becomes the next President of the United States.

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