Navarro: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Blind Faith in Globalism’ and ‘Corruption’ Hit Swing States Hardest

Greg Allen/Invision/AP

Peter Navarro, economic policy adviser to the Trump campaign, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday and said that “a blind faith in globalism” and “corruption” embraced by Hillary Clinton have hit America’s swing states the hardest for many years and that people “are finally coming to understand that.”

In talking about the so-called battleground states, Navarro said, “Look, for example, at North Carolina and Ohio. Both of those states have suffered greatly at the hands of really bad trade deals. The South Korean deal, to me, is all the people of this country need to know about Hillary Clinton when it comes to the economy.”

He pointed out that Clinton called it “a cutting-edge deal” when she negotiated it as secretary of state. “She promised the American people 70,000 new jobs and wound up basically costing this country 95,000 jobs. Seventy-five percent of the damage was in the auto and auto parts industry, most of which is concentrated in places like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana,” said Navarro.

“If you’re a voter, say in Michigan,” he added, “all you have to know is that Hillary did the South Korean deal, and you’ve got 60,000 people, maybe some of your neighbors, out of work because she did something really stupid.”

Navarro also pointed out how as far back as 1992, the Clintons were saying one thing and doing another in terms of trade. Former President Bill Clinton campaigned against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), for example, then turned around and signed it, promising Americans more jobs, which never materialized. “Back in 1993, North Carolina has the highest percentage of manufacturing jobs in the country, and NAFTA began to take apart the furniture and textiles industries in North Carolina.”

Navarro continued, “Then when Bill Clinton in 2001 shoe-horned China into the World Trade Organization, that began the further disintegration of North Carolina’s manufacturing base. And, of course, when China got into the WTO … seventy thousand factories, gone; 5 million manufacturing jobs, gone; two trillion dollars in debt to the biggest Communist nation in the world.”

“That’s all about places like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania,” he said. “Scoot over to Colorado or in California. Go down to Florida. Every state in this great union has been affected in some large or medium-sized way” by what Navarro characterized as a “blind faith” in globalism. “And the Left and the right are equally guilty of that,” Navarro asserted.

He then went on to point out that it’s also corruption. “The people who fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the people who put the money into the Clinton Foundation or pay Bill Clinton ten thousand dollars a minute to give a speech nobody wants to listen to are the same people who are shipping our jobs and factories offshore.”

“The people of America are coming to understand that,” concluded Navarro.

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