Lt. Gov. Michael Steele: Obama Left Democrats Decimated with No Bench, as They Continue to Alienate Voters

Michael Steele

Michael Steele, former RNC chair and lieutenant governor of Maryland, told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam that while President Barack Obama may believe his presidency was successful, “the problem is, the American people don’t feel that way.”

“In many respects,” added Steele, “the 2016 election was in part a rejection of some of those policies and some of the things the President has done.” Steele said Trump was able to make that dissatisfaction “the cornerstone” of his campaign.

As for where the Democrats stand as a whole, Steele said, “Over the eight years that he was President, Barack Obama did nothing to create a bench for the Democrats.”

Steele characterized the Democrats’ current response to losing in November as, “Let’s do more of the things that alienated those voters,” predicting a “strong tilt toward the left.”

He equated it to where the GOP was after Obama’s initial victory in 2008. “The party had pretty much been decimated. The base was fractured and pissed off. There was no money coming in the building, and you don’t have the help of the other institutions because they’re just as fractured,” he said in describing what it’s like inside the Democrat Party of today.

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