Dan Gainor: WaPo’s Inserting Trump into Every Section Reads ‘Like a Comic Book Against’ Him

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While discussing news media bias, Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday, “In the Washington Post’s case, they jam Trump into every section, and it’s in a negative way.”

Citing a story as a good example of so-called fake news, Gainor said, “The Washington Post’s near-crusade to portray everything Russia as scary and connected to Trump ran this story about the power grid being hacked. It turns out the power grid wasn’t hacked.” The outlet ran it because it fit its agenda, claimed Gainor.

He added, “When you see stories like that when you look at the Washington Post, and you can’t trust what’s in the Washington Post because it reads now like an opposition paper, then how are you supposed to trust anything?”

“You can’t even find a sports section now where it doesn’t attack Trump,” Gainor said. Referring again to the Post, he added, “Literally, the religion section this weekend was someone giving up Trump for Lent. At some point in time you have befouled your reputation so badly, how can people take your big news stories seriously when they look at your paper and see it’s like a comic book against Trump?”

“Hollywood hates the people who watch its shows,” Gainor also told Marlow, pointing out that Hollywood continues to produce films designed to push the gay agenda, such as When We Rise, even though they rarely find an audience.

“They’re pushing the gay agenda into Beauty and the Beast, added Gainor. “The Left never stops, even when people reject it. I think I saw a joke [in which] someone said that if they’d had a drink every time they saw a commercial for When We Rise, they’d be drunk. The media pushed this so aggressively, and yet people don’t want to watch it.”

Gainor also cited the Law and Order franchise, which he said became “a screed against conservatives,” as another example of Hollywood’s bias.

Regarding late night talk television, said Gainor, “You can feed the appetite of a couple million people and be very successful on a late night show that doesn’t have a lot of viewers. Samantha Bee – no one watches the show except for journalists. But, of course, it’s the in thing. The media keeps promoting her. You can’t go to almost any left-wing website without seeing clips of her show because that’s what they want. They don’t want comedy; they want agendas.”

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