Bolton on London: ‘Being Born on English Soil’ Doesn’t Strip Away Potential for Islamic Terrorism

terror attack london
Washington, DC

Former U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Thursday to discuss the London terror attack and issues involved in fighting terrorism in general.

As the March 22 London attacker was reportedly born in Britain, Bolton stressed, “As if a terrorist comes into a Western country, or a radical Islamist sympathizer, and they raise a family in that country, so they have a son or a daughter who’s born in Britain, as this terrorist reportedly was, it is as if being born on English soil strips away the terrorist possibility. I wish it were so magical.”

Bolton added, “If you go back to the London transportation attacks of 2007, those were all carried out by people born in Britain, as well. That to me is more terrifying than refugees or immigrants coming in because it proves, whether for Britain or the United States, you can be born in a free country, you can grow up experiencing all the possibilities and freedoms that these systems bring, and you can still consciously reject it all and turn to terrorism. That worries me more than the  immigrants, frankly.”

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