Gainor: ‘Desperate’ Media Want to Turn Sally Yates into Next Wendy Davis

Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates announces a settlement with Volkswagen during a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington, Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Volkswagen will spend more than $15 billion to settle consumer lawsuits and government allegations that it cheated on emissions tests in what lawyers are calling the …
AP/J. David Ake

Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, talked with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Monday about various topics in the news, including left-wing media reaction to the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) and the FCC, which is considering action against Stephen Colbert for his controversial joke about President Donald Trump.

Concerning Acting Attorney General Sally Yates’s planned testimony before a Senate committee on alleged contacts between Russia and the White House, Gainor said, “The reason why the media are going so nuts about Sally Yates testifying, is, one, they continue to try to throw mud at Trump, but, two, the real reason is Sally Yates is yet another person they’re going to promote like they did with Wendy Davis and try to get her elected.”

Gainor added, “The media doesn’t have to be rational. They are so desperate for anybody they can put up as an icon to rally the resistance. That’s why you see some of the increasingly insane things.”

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