Tech Worker Craig Diangelo Forced to Train H-1B Replacement Now Running for Congress

Craig Diangelo
Diangelo 2018
Washington, DC

Craig Diangelo, Republican congressional candidate in Connecticut’s 5th District and former information technology worker, who was laid off and forced to train his foreign replacement here via an H-1B visa, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow Thursday.

Fox Business News also recently reported Diangelo’s story:

 “In the very beginning we did not know that we would be training our replacements… the CIO came down from Boston, said that she would hold a town hall meeting to discuss the future of our IT at our particular company,” Diangelo said. “We all got into the room, 220 of us, she proceeded to tell us that… what we are going to do is… outsource IT infrastructure and IT development.”

Diangelo said company employees at the time were told it was because “global employees can adjust to change a lot faster than the American worker.” He questioned why American workers weren’t classified equally.

Diangelo said while he feels supported by many average citizens in Connecticut, that’s not the case with the state’s politicians. “Senator Blumenthal, after I spoke with him and talked about this, he went out and co-sponsored I-Squared. … That was to increase the number of H-1Bs by 100,000, on top of the 85,000 visas that are issued every year,” he said.

“Elizabeth Esty, who I’m running against, she was very curt with me,” he added, saying she passed him off to an aide who was supposed to call him but never did. Diangelo said Esty was not even informed of the pertinent immigration laws at the time of their encounter.

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