Dan Gainor: ‘The People at CNN and MSNBC Have Basically Just Lost Their Minds’ over Trump


Dan Gainor, Media Research Center vice president of Business and Culture, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Joel Pollak on Monday for his regular segment on media bias. He discussed Kathy Griffin’s playing the victim, the left’s “freaking out” over Bill Maher’s use of the N-word, CNN’s Reza Aslan’s calling President Trump a “piece of shit,” and other topics.

Gainor said, “The people of CNN and MSNBC have basically just lost their minds. And I say that, I mean, they’ve just really lost their minds.”

“Reza Aslan, one of CNN’s hosts, was unhappy at Donald Trump’s comments the other day after the terror attack, and he referred to the president as something I don’t think I can even say on radio,” Gainor continued.

“And this is not even the only thing,” added Gainor. “Apparently, according to Redstate, he also wished God would take out a congressman.”

As for MSNBC, Gainor said, “You’ve got one of the hosts – Thomas Roberts actually wondered if the president wants a domestic terror attack. And that’s not even digging deep.”

Gainor went on to address the Bill Maher controversy, Kathy Griffin, and more.

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