Dan Gainor: Media ‘Marching in Lockstep to Try to Overturn an Election’

Jim Acosta of CNN listens during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Media Research Center Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Monday to discuss last week’s glaring moments of media bias. Included are the exchange between White House adviser Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta, the media’s ignoring of the soaring stock market numbers, and other topics.

Gainor said, “Journalists are out there trying to fight the Trump administration, not cover it.”

“The U.S. media has decided that it’s them or him,” added Gainor. “And they’ve devoted an epic amount of resources. The kind of resources you would use to cover a war, they’ve devoted them to try to take down the president. It’s not just the news media; it’s entertainment media. They are marching in lockstep to try to overturn an election.”

Gainor concluded, “If you were seeing this from the outside, looking into the United States, and you’re seeing members of the press, members of the power structure, and clearly, people within the government working to overturn an election, there are words that you would use, and none of them are good, and none of them are the things you see in a democratic republic.”

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