Gorka: Sarah Palin and I Support ‘Anti-Establishment, Anti-RINO’ Roy Moore over Mitch McConnell’s Candidate

Palin and Gorka support Roy Moore over Luther Strange.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former deputy adviser to President Trump and Breitbart News National Security editor, praised President Trump on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily for going into “the belly of the beast” to deliver a sensational address to the United Nations. He also explained why he supports Judge Roy Moore for Senate in the Alabama GOP primary over the candidate President Trump endorsed, Luther Strange.

The U.N., which “was supposed to create global peace and stability after 60 million people were killed in World War 2,” has become a “hive of duplicitous globalist mantras” in Gorka’s estimation. He denounced absurd U.N. spectacles such as nations like Venezuela and Cuba’s attacks on the United States and Israel over human rights.

“He just spoke truth to power,” Gorka said of Trump’s speech. “He called out our enemies. He attacked socialism and communism. He even went on record on key policy things such as the disastrous JCPOA Iran deal we inherited from the Obama administration and called it an embarrassment.”

“I know the guy who wrote the speech. I’m glad he managed to smuggle it past all the anti-MAGA forces that are in the administration,” said Gorka, tongue not entirely planted in cheek. “I’m glad it was a home run.”

Kassam noted that Gorka remained staunchly and outspokenly loyal to President Trump after leaving the White House, but now, he has joined a coalition that seeks to help Roy Moore win the Alabama Senate primary over the candidate Trump endorsed, Luther Strange.

“I’ve said again and again and again, I said in my resignation letter that is up at Breitbart, the president is being served by people who are giving him the wrong advice,” Gorka said.

“That’s why Steve and myself left the building, so we can get the agenda back on track,” he said, referring to former White House strategist and fellow Breitbart alumnus Steve Bannon. “I joined the Make America Great Again Coalition, that’s MAGACoalition.com, to assist him as I promised, from the outside.”

“That’s why we’re going to Montgomery tomorrow, to Alabama,” he explained. “I’m going to be on the stage with Gov. Sarah Palin, and we’re going to support the candidate who isn’t being supported by Mitch McConnell. We’re going to support the candidate who is anti-Establishment, anti-RINO, just as the president truly is. We’ve got to put the pressure on, even when the president is getting bad advice, because the stakes are just too high.”

Gorka said those stakes include nothing less than “the founding principles of this republic being systematically undermined and the perpetuation of a permanent political class.”

“It’s like the bureaucrats in Brussels that were roundly rejected by the British people in the Brexit vote. That’s what MAGA is about. It’s about getting rid of people who think they know better than the people who elected them, and think they’re smarter, and create these sinecures for life as professional politicians. That’s what MAGA is about,” he said.

“I reject the word ‘populism.’ I think it’s become pejorative,” Gorka argued. “It’s about the reassertion of sovereignty. That’s what the president’s speech was about yesterday: the reassertion of sovereignty as a nation-state and true democracy and republican federalism in America.”

Speaking as a Briton, Kassam observed that too many Americans do not realize just how unique their national commitment to liberty is, even when measured against other Western countries.

“What does the Bible say? A man can never be a prophet in his own country,” he reflected. “I chose this nation. You have the outside perspective as well. When I talk about founding principles and threats to the Republic, that’s not pablum. That’s not rhetoric. I truly mean it.”

“I chose this nation. I’m a legal immigrant. That’s why I joined the MAGA Coalition. Check it out. It’s the super PAC for the forgotten men and women that voted for Donald Trump, the rank outsider, to become the most powerful man in the world,” he said.

“Let’s just cut to the chase here,” Gorka suggested. “What’s on the other side? This gels perfectly with the British experience in Brexit and everything else. We have people on the other side – Hillary actually said this in a speech she gave – who say borders should be dissolved.”

“Can we just wrap our heads around the consequences of that? What does British mean? What does American mean? What do the founding documents of this nation mean, if there are no borders in our hemisphere, as Hillary Clinton told a group of bankers should be the reality?” he asked.

“The stakes could not be higher than they are today. That’s why we have to help the president deconstruct this bureaucratic administrative state; drain the Swamp – because otherwise, I’m sorry, democracy is dead,” Gorka warned.

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