Exclusive — Jim Jordan on Running for Speaker: ‘We’re Best When We Do What We Said’

UNITED STATES - JUNE 7: Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, arrives for the House Republicans' caucus meeting in the Capitol on immigration reforms on Thursday morning, June 7, 2018.
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House Freedom Caucus co-founder Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Breitbart News Daily on Friday that Republicans succeed when they hold their promises, “We’re best when we do what we said.”

Breitbart News Daily host and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow opened the interview, contending that Republicans often do not succeed when they move to the middle to appease the media.

Congressman Jordan agreed with Marlow, saying, “We’re best when we do what we said.”

Jordan continued, listing off several of the ways that President Donald Trump has kept his word with the American people.

Congressman Jordan said, “That’s what the president said in a year and a half in office that he’s had in office, it’s been amazing, regulations reduced, taxes cut, economy growing at 4.1 percent, unemployment at its lowest in 20 years. Gorsuch on the court, Kavanaugh on the deck, we’re out of the crazy Iran deal, the embassy has been moved to Jerusalem, and the hostages have been returned from North Korea.”

The Ohio conservative admitted the president has fulfilled his promise to the American people, although, Jordan said that Congress needs to carry out President Trump’s legislative agenda.

Jordan said, “When you look at that list, frankly, the taxes are good, and we played a part, Congress did, and I do not want to downplay that, but where’s the border security wall? Where’s repealing Obamacare, where’s reforming welfare and requiring people to work, where are all of the other things that we told Americans we would do? It’s really just that basic … it’s really about doing what we were elected to do.”

Congressman Jordan announced last week that he intends to run for Speaker of the House after the 2018 midterm elections. House Freedom Caucus Mark Meadows (R-NC) backed Jordan for Speaker, saying, he “is a fighter, a leader, and a true conservative.” Other prominent conservatives have also backed Jordan for the leader of the House of Representatives.

“Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Lou Dobbs, and almost every conservative group in the country are supporting us; I’ve been shocked and pleased by the support we’ve received just a week ahead of announcing that we’re planning to run,” Jordan said.

Jordan then explained his plan to both fund President Trump’s proposed border in the fall spending bill as well as establish work requirements for welfare programs such as food stamps.

Jordan told Marlow, “Here’s what we should do and I don’t think the [GOP] leadership is going to do. When we get back, we can send the House and the Senate a bill that funds the government and says that if you’re an able-bodied person and if you’re getting American people’s tax dollars you have to do something to get that money. That should be in the bill, along with a simple thing, here’s the money for the wall, start building the wall. Put those two things in it and then send it to the Senate and then for a month. And this is always what Republicans are afraid to do, for a month debate, we have a guy in the White House that’s pretty good at taking a message to the American people. He wants this wall, and he also wants people who are able-bodied [to work], I’ve been touring my district the last week, and every single employer I talk to says that they’re finding it difficult to find employees, to find people to work. That’s because we have too many people who do not work, who are on welfare, who are able-bodied and could be working. It’s not only good for the economy, it’s good for our employers, it’s also good for those people stuck on the welfare system. So do those two things and have the debate. Instead, what we always do is forfeit before we even kick the ball and play the game.”

The House Freedom Caucus leader added, “Say it plainly, tell it to the voters, you form a contract when you do that, and they elect you and go do what you said.”

We make the job of being in Congress too difficult of a job — way too complicated,” Jordan said.

Congressman Jordan then warned that if Democrats gain a majority in the House, they will only seek to impeach the president.

Jordan cautioned, “The Democrats will raise our taxes, abolish ICE, grow government, no welfare reform, and impeach the president, and socialized medicine.”

Congressman Jordan said, “My focus over the next three months is: let’s do everything we can to keep the majority and if we do, and I get the privilege to be Speaker, we are going to do everything that we said we were going to do and have a real debate, not just forfeiting before we start the game.”

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