Elizabeth Yore on FGM: ‘Silence from Feminists Has Been Deafening on This Issue’


Elizabeth Yore, an international child protection attorney, spoke on Wednesday to host Alex Marlow of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, highlighting the silence of feminists — and feminism’s prioritization of “diversity” — on the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM).

“The silence from feminists has been deafening on this issue,” said Yore. “We need the support of feminists who believe in the rights of women to enjoy sexual pleasure. Well, these little girls have been robbed of that for the rest of their lives.”

Yore added, “We’re supposed to be feminists, right? We’re supposed to protect women and girls. Why are they silent? Why are they staying on the sidelines? Because there is a greater ideology that they want to protect. This greater ideology is diversity. Then, in fact, they’re not truly feminists. They don’t care about protecting girls and women.”


Yore warned of FGM’s growing prevalence via immigration of people who practice it, “Like human trafficking and like other crimes, we’re going to find that this is going to grow exponentially as people from foreign countries come in who practiced this for millennia and will continue to practice it in the United States.”

Yore continued, “Are we going to draw the line at female genital mutilation, or are we going to ignore this and draw the line at child brides? Or domestic violence? Or throwing gays off of buildings? When are we going to draw the line? This is the place where we need to make our stand.”

“This is what sharia supremacy looks like in the United States, and they’re fearlessly battling [for] their rights to mutilate their little girls. They’re tough. They’re hiring private lawyers. They’re battling in the courts. We need to battle in the courts as well as in the Congress,” added Yore.

Marlow remarked, “The intention is to destroy the female sex drive. That’s the point.”

Yore replied, “Women are supposed to be subjected and submissive and not to enjoy sex–period, end of story. That is its whole purpose. …. Its purpose is to rob females of sexual pleasure. As we speak, little girls are, for the rest of their lives, be robbed of sexual pleasure because of this hideous, ancient, barbaric practice. And it’s happening in the United States.”

Yore invited listeners to check out End FGM Today for more information on efforts to end FGM in America.

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