Exclusive–Liz Cheney: Socialist Democrats Perpetrating a ‘Fraud on the American People’

Liz Cheney

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) told Breitbart News Daily in an exclusive interview on Thursday that freshman Democrats who have “embraced socialism” continue to perpetuate a fraud on the American people.

Rep. Cheney, the number three Republican in House GOP leadership, spoke with Breitbart News Daily host Matthew Boyle on a wide-ranging interview, which included Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) antisemitic comments, the Democrats’ embrace of infanticide, and many progressive Democrats’ embrace of socialism.

The House passed a resolution last week that largely condemned hate across most spectrums; however, the bill did not single out Rep. Omar for recent antisemtic comments suggesting that House supporters of Israel may have dual loyalties. Cheney, who voted against the bill, chastised Democrats for refusing to single her out by name in the resolution and declining to take her off the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Cheney told Breitbart News Daily, “In terms of antisemitism, they are protecting Ilhan Omar, it’s not just that they’re being silent, they’re actually protecting her by refusing to take her off the House Foreign Affairs Committee, by refusing to condemn her by name for her repeated antisemtitic comments. In terms of infanticide, they refuse to put a bill on the floor – we asked 17 times now in this Congress, to put on the floor – that protects babies that are born alive after abortion attempts and they won’t do it. They’re standing with the really unbelievable and evil actions you’ve seen in New York and a couple of other states that passed legislation that allows abortion up to the moment of birth and refusing to protect babies born alive, it’s just unbelievable.”

Rep. Cheney continued, “And socialism, we’ve seen both in their presidential candidates as well as their freshman Democrats and embraced socialism and it’s just an absolute fraud that they’re perpetrating on the American people and promising all these tremendous benefits and that the government should be in charge of everybody’s health care and give everybody jobs and housing, I mean it’s astonishing how far, how radical, they’ve become as quickly as they have.”

“It’s especially important that we call it [antisemitism] evil by its name, and that we do it clearly, every time it comes up or else becomes normalized in our discourse and that’s really dangerous,” the Wyoming Republican added.

Further into the interview, Rep. Cheney condemned New York state for passing a bill that allows abortion up to the moment of birth, as well as Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam for defending a bill that would allow for abortion up to a moment of birth.

“As a mother of five kids, I cannot believe that I even have to have this discussion that we’re even to the point now in our country where you have to defend babies who are born alive. You have one party, the Democrats, who won’t allow legislation to come to the floor to protect those babies,” Cheney said. “This is not a hypothetical situation as you pointed out, the governor of Virginia in really cold, clinical, terrible terms, describing what would happen, where parents would have the ability to make a decision to not keep their baby alive after their baby is born.”

House Republicans continue to push for the House to vote on legislation, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act; however, Democrats have stopped Republicans from allowing unanimous consent for the bill to brought to the House floor for a vote. Cheney told Boyle that they have an alternative method, known as a discharge petition, which would allow for the bill to be voted on if it were to receive the signatures of 218 members of the House, which serves as a majority of the House.

Cheney said, “So we’re going to continue our efforts to get the Democrats to bring the bill up. Steve Scalise and Ann Wagner have also got a bill, it’s the same bill, but they have a process underway to get a discharge petition, which is another method we have to basically free a bill up and bring it to the floor immediately, so that process is going on at the same time and then just making sure that the American people recognize this is when the Democrats are saying that they’re ‘for the people,’ that’s wrong from so many perspectives, but especially for the babies, they’re not for saving lives.”

The House Republican Conference chairwoman then said that many freshman Democrats flipped their districts red by appealing to their moderate constituents, and that they may have trouble in future elections if they continue to block the pro-life legislation.

Cheney explained, “There are a number of Democrats that were elected in seats where they defeated Republicans in 2018 and those are voters that Democrats represent who are moderate, they are not radical, they weren’t voting for socialism, and I think those members really need to think about who they’re representing and many of them, all of them I imagine, promised that they weren’t going to do Nancy Pelosi’s bidding, and I think they need to walk the walk on that and so far we haven’t seen it.”

Rep. Cheney also said that Americans need to remind people of how socialism is a “fraud.”

Cheney said, “I think that number one, people need to recognize what a fraud socialism is and especially young people who weren’t alive during the Cold War and don’t have a memory of what happened when countries adopt socialism. But it’s exactly the opposite of what the Democrats are saying. Again they say they’re for the people, but really for the government, you know. If you want to implement all of these policies they’re talking about, you have to steal power from the people and give it to the states, because the only way you could have housing for all, jobs for all, and health care for all, is if somebody in the government is deciding who gets what. It steals people’s power, it kills innovation, it leads to the kind of scenes you see in Venezuela. You see citizens drinking sewer water because they don’t have running water.”

“We know that the American people recognize that’s just a failed system; everywhere it’s been tried throughout history it leads to devastation,” Cheney added.

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