Ami Horowitz: With 65,000 Individual Donors, I’ll Be on the Democrats’ Debate Stage

Ami Horowitz
Ami Horowitz/Facebook

“If we do this and we qualify, we’re on stage, baby,” said documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz in a Monday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. He invited Breitbart News’s patrons that are American citizens to financially contribute to his presidential campaign so that he may qualify for the first two Democrat presidential debates by yielding 65,000 unique donors.

“If you want to see me on the Democratic debate stage and speak truth to power, then we need to get to 65,000 unique donors!” declared Ami Horowitz on his presidential campaign website, Ami For America 2020.

Horowitz explained his rationale for seeking a slot on the Democrats’ presidential debate stage.

“The reason I’m running as a Democrat is because I have taken a look at the Democratic landscape, and I see just radicalism and a hard lurch to the left that I think is not only so damaging to their party but to our country and to our discourse,” said Horowitz. “I felt like I had to do something,” adding that he is running “as a conservative.”


Horowitz noted the political and partisan alignment between news media outlets and personalities conducting presidential debates and the Democrat Party

“I felt like I had to bring some sanity to the process,” stated Horowitz. “I felt like I had to qualify to get on the Democratic debate stage and call them out and make them accountable for the radical beliefs because, I promise you this, the people who are conducting the debates, the media who are interviewing them leading up to the debates and after the debates, will not hold them accountable.”

Horowitz added, “So I felt like I had to do something equally radical — get on the debate stage and call them out for these just insane beliefs.”

“When they came out with the qualifications to get on the debate stage, I thought to myself, ‘This might be achievable,'” recalled Horowitz. “All you have to do — it’s the easiest task in the world, but we’re well on our way — is raise any amount of money, even a dollar, from 65,000 individual donors. We can probably wrap the thing up today if your listeners say, ‘You know what? I want this to happen. I want to see the greatest TV show on Earth take place on June 26, and I want to see Ami get on and light that stage on fire — ideologically speaking — and throw an intellectual hand grenade onto that stage,’ and all it takes you is one dollar to”

Howoritz urged supporters to support his endeavor, “Don’t be lazy because I know you think, ‘I’ll do it next week.’ No, you’ve got to do it. I would say do it now, please.”

Horowitz concluded, “If we do this and we qualify, we’re on stage, baby. We’re gonna get there and we’re going to speak truth to power. No question about it. One thing your listeners can count on is I’m not going to shy away on the big stage. How you see me now is how you’ll see me then. I’m not a wilting flower from these guys, believe me. It’s my MO.”

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