Catherine Engelbrecht: Patriots Must Volunteer Their ‘Eyes and Ears’ for ‘Ballot Security’

Catherine Englebrecht for True The Vote

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, said patriots are needed as volunteers at voting polls to observe the election process and report irregularities, making her call on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

“Volunteers are needed to work in ballot review processes and as poll watchers,” said Engelbrecht. “We need to get as many citizens as we can … everywhere, to serve in this election. Go vote early, in person, and then call your local party or candidate and ask how you can participate on their ballot security team.”

“We need honest eyes and ears in these processes,” Engelbrecht stated. “It cannot be overstated the importance of bearing witness to this process, being a part of it. In states like Pennsylvania where we’re looking at likely recount scenarios, we need to have as many trained, honest people in that process as we possibly can.”


Democrats’ ongoing changing of voting laws — ostensibly public health measures to reduce crowding while voting to reduce coronavirus transmission — is part of a broader strategy to generate confusion for the purpose of post-election litigation.

“There were 404 lawsuits to date that have had changes related to COVID and, as you call it, cheat-by-mail,” Engelbrecht remarked. “It has been crazy. There are still two big cases pending the Supreme Court may still hear before Election Day — one in Alabama, one in Wisconsin — having to do with how long after the election [votes] can be counted.”

Engelbrecht added. “There there have been so many changes and so much confusion, of course, all by design. This is engineered chaos writ large.”

Confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court would help break four-four split decisions on election-related litigation, noted Engelbrecht.

“Everything we’re reading suggests that the Supreme Court will continue to entertain cases up until Election Day, which is something we’ve never seen before,” Engelbrecht stated. She added, “If [Barrett] is seated and in a position to potentially break that four-four stalemate that we find ourselves in right now, it could be huge.”

Engelbrecht repeated her plea for citizens to protect election integrity as volunteers.

“This is one that we will look back on in days to come and ask ourselves in conversation, ‘Where were you for the 2020 election?'” Engelbrecht stated. “My answer to anybody listening, please let that answer be [that you] were out serving in some capacity. Don’t just watch this roll in from the couch, because it’s too important, and we are too shorthanded out in the field. We need people to help to support a free and fair process for all voters.”

Engelbrecht invited Americans to consult True the Vote’s online resource of information on how to get involved in local and state election processes. “This year, voting is just not enough,” Engelbrecht warned last week. “We’ve got to be on the field.”

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