Mozambique: Polio Outbreak Causes Public Health Emergency

Mozambican state health authorities declared a “public health emergency” on Wednesday in an effort to contain a case of wild poliovirus confirmed in a child in the nation’s western Tete province days earlier, the state-run Mozambique News Agency (AIM) reported on Thursday.

Polio Ward Overburdened in Nigeria KANO, NIGERIA - APRIL 13: A child with polio has his legs massaged at the polio ward of Murtala Muhammed Public Hospital April 13, 2005, in Kano, Nigeria. Polio, a disease that health workers once had hoped to eradicate worldwide by 2005, is on the …

W.H.O.: Nigeria at Risk of ‘Ongoing Transmission’ of Monkeypox

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) warned on Monday that a recent case of monkeypox confirmed in a person who traveled from Nigeria to the U.K. in recent days indicates that there is a “risk of ongoing transmission” of the virus in the West African nation, Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Blood samples are drawn from a boy who didn't display any sign of monkeypox despite his all family has been contaminated, while at a quarantine area of the centre of the International medical NGO Doctors Without Borders (Medecins sans frontieres - MSF), in Zomea Kaka, in the Lobaya region, in …

China Launches Social Media Purge to Silence Shanghai Lockdown Critics — Claims ‘False Information’

The Chinese Communist Party’s public security department recently pursued criminal charges against “25 rumormongers and imposed administrative penalties on 48 others” for promoting allegedly false accounts online about the Party’s anti-epidemic measures during Shanghai’s ongoing Chinese coronavirus lockdown, the state-run Global Times reported on Wednesday.

Policemen wearing protective gear are seen on a street during the second stage of a pandemic lockdown in Jing' an district in Shanghai on April 5, 2022. (Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP) (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

Coronavirus: Beijing Students Tear Down Metal Fence Trapping Them Inside Dorms

Peking University students in Beijing on Sunday night tore down part of a metal fence that administrators erected without warning hours earlier after the students realized it effectively sealed them inside their dormitories and prevented them from accessing any other section of the campus as part of the school’s anti-Chinese coronavirus protocol, Hong Kong’s the Standard newspaper reported.

This picture shows the logo of Peking University in Beijing on May 16, 2022. - Hundreds of students at an elite Beijing university protested on May 15 against strict Covid-19 curbs, in a rare show of defiance as anger mounts over virus control measures. (Photo by Noel Celis / AFP) …

Shanghai’s Month-Plus Lockdown Expands to Suburbs

The month-plus Chinese coronavirus lockdown of Shanghai expanded to include nearby suburban communities on Monday, the state-run Global Times reported, revealing Chinese health officials “sealed off” residential compounds in the county of Tonglu and the city of Jiangyin after detecting fresh outbreaks of the disease in local populations.

Health workers in protective gear walk out from a blocked off area after spraying disinfectant in Shanghai's Huangpu district on January 27, 2021, after residents were evacuated following the detection of a few cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in the neighbourhood. (Photo by STR / AFP) / China OUT (Photo by …

Beijing Frantically Reopens Makeshift Hospital … for 12 Patients

Beijing’s government on Sunday reopened a makeshift hospital — previously used to treat Chinese coronavirus patients in early 2020 — to quarantine at least 12 Chinese coronavirus patients as part of the city’s effort to contain its latest outbreak of the disease, the state-run Global Times reported.

An employee works at a makeshift hospital that will be used for Covid-19 coronavirus patients in Guangzhou, in China's eastern Guangdong province on April 11, 2022. - China OUT (Photo by AFP) / China OUT (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro Hosts First Post-Coronavirus Carnival

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, traditionally home to the world’s largest carnival festival, held the celebration over the weekend for the first time in two years after being forced to cancel the event amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Brazil’s GloboNews reported on Monday.

A member of Vila Isab samba school performs during the Special Group Parade on day four of the Rio de Janeiro 2022 Carnival at Marquês de Sapucaí Sambodrome on April 23, 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro's iconic carnival returns to the sambodrome after a two year …

Hong Kong: 1,000+ Cadavers in Cold Storage After Virus Deaths Surge

Hong Kong health officials confirmed this week that 1,100 cadavers remained in municipal cold storage facilities unclaimed because local funeral parlors have failed to keep up with the surging demand for funerals caused by Hong Kong’s latest epidemic of the Chinese coronavirus, the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) reported on Friday.

Funeral home staff members (L) load a dead body into a vehicle next to people being treated at a makeshift area outside Caritas hospital in Hong Kong on March 2, 2022. - Hong Kong is in the throes of its worst-ever coronavirus outbreak and has since seen overflowing hospitals and …

South Korea Drops Virus Curbs, Invites 41,000 to Presidential Inauguration

South Korea President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol has invited 41,000 guests to attend his inauguration ceremony on May 10, Yonhap News reported on Tuesday, noting Yoon’s team recently expanded his guestlist beyond what was previously planned in light of South Korea dropping almost all Chinese coronavirus-related social gathering restrictions on Monday.

FILE - South Korea's president-elect Yoon Suk Yeol speaks during a news conference at the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea on March 10, 2022. After winning a bitterly contested presidential election, South Korean conservative Yoon will enter office facing a quickly growing North Korean nuclear threat - and with …

Censors Disappear Plea from ‘China’s Fauci’ to Move on from Lockdowns

Chinese state media on Tuesday reportedly deleted an article published on Monday in which China’s top coronavirus expert, Zhong Nanshan, argued that China needs to abandon the ruling Communist Party’s Chinese coronavirus policy of “zero-Covid” and join the rest of the world in “reopening” to live a post-pandemic life, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

A medical worker adjusts her mask near propaganda boards showing famed Chinese medical expert Zhong Nanshan and the words "Vaccine China Made" outside vaccination center in Beijing Friday, April 9, 2021. In a rare admission of the weakness of Chinese coronavirus vaccines, the country's top disease control official says their …

South Korea, Japan Seek Post-Pandemic Return to Normal

South Korea’s government on Monday dropped nearly all pandemic-related social gathering restrictions in an effort “to move on from the COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] pandemic,” Yonhap News reported, two days after Japan’s government announced the country “no longer needs to fully stop social activities” due to the disease.

A woman walks past posters showing precautions against the Covid-19 coronavirus at a subway station in Seoul on April 15, 2022. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP) (Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images)

Don’t Panic: China Rebrands Mounting Lockdowns as ‘Static Management’

China’s ruling Communist Party strategically labeled expanding nationwide Chinese coronavirus restrictions over the weekend as “temporary controls of social activities” after some residents in certain affected cities, such as Xi’an, reportedly “panicked” after first learning of the movement restrictions, China’s state-run Global Times acknowledged on Saturday.

Disinfectant is sprayed outside a shopping mall in Xi'an. (AFP)

Japan Welcomes 20 Ukrainian Refugees Despite Strict Migration Laws

Japan’s government, which currently observes strict bans on foreign entries, made a rare exception to this policy on Tuesday when it welcomed 20 Ukrainians fleeing their country’s latest war with Russia into Tokyo on a government plane accompanying Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa upon his return from a recent trip to Poland.

Ukrainian refugees walk upon arrival from Poland at the Haneda Airport Tuesday, April 5, 2022, in Tokyo. Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi returned from Poland on Tuesday with 20 Ukrainians displaced by Russia's ongoing war on their country as Tokyo seeks to play a greater role in international support for …

Thousands Cross Reopened Singapore-Malaysia Land Border

The land border separating Singapore from Malaysia — one of the busiest in the world — reopened to fully vaccinated travelers on Friday after a two-year-long closure due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Bloomberg reported, noting the event prompted “thousands” of people to travel between the Southeast Asian nations earlier that day.

Vehicles form a long queue to enter Woodlands checkpoint in Singapore on March 17, 2020 from across the causeway of the southern Malaysian state of Johor. - Malaysia will ban its citizens from travelling overseas and foreigners from entering the country in drastic measures announced by the prime minister on …