Caller to Breitbart News Daily: How I Got an Airport Bookstore to Order ‘Breaking the News’


Daniel, a caller to Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily from North Carolina, explained how he got an airport bookstore to order copies of Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

Daniel said he worked at a bookstore years ago and noted how bookstores usually share a common database of books.

“I’m gleaning this knowledge from about a six-month stint working in a bookstore many, many years ago,” he told Marlow. “I pre-ordered the two copies [of your book] when it came out. It is a great book. Everybody should read it, and I have since ordered the audiobook.”

Daniel remarked that he took a copy of Breaking the News that he has had previously ordered to the cash register of an airport bookstore that did not have the book in stock. After manually charging him the price listed on the dust jacket, the bookstore ordered copies of Breaking the News.

“I do a lot of traveling,” Daniel stated. “You don’t have to travel to do this, but I took book number one with me, went to the airport bookstore — in which you were saying a couple weeks ago, notoriously, they don’t have your book in stock, at least the airport bookstores that I look at — and took it out of my bag and I went to the register and gave it to the person.”

He continued, “She scanned the thing, and it didn’t come up in their system. But then she just read the price on the cover and charged me that, and what I know from working in a bookstore is that in their system — and this isn’t in every book store, but a lot of their systems look like this — it will scan that they are out of stock in that book. And what do you do if you’re a bookstore and something’s out of stock? You reorder the book, and sure, a few weeks later when I was in the same airport, five copies of Breaking the News were now in stock at that airport. That’s the first thing I did.”


Daniel said he placed his second copy of Breaking the News in the “number one slot” of bestsellers at another airport bookstore, and found it gone days later when he returned to the store.

He said, “The second thing I did was took your book, and … I had the one copy left — and granted, you have to be a little covert with this — but I took whatever [book] was in the number one slot — you know, they have on the wall, the list, numbers one, two, three, four … the top sellers — I took what was in number one, took those up, gently, politely placed them on the ground, and put your book up at the top.”

“I was coming back to the airport three days later, and those books that I had replaced were still on the ground [and] your book was gone,” he stated. “So I’m assuming somebody bought that book. Every single one of us in this audience could do the same thing at their bookstore.”

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