Michelle Easton Inspires Parents: ‘How to Raise a Conservative Daughter’


Conservative activist and author Michelle Easton joined host Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily Wednesday morning to discuss her new book How to Raise a Conservative Daughter, published by Regnery.

Easton, who is the president of the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women, which prepares young women for conservative leadership, said parents who want to raise daughters with conservative principles and values must resolve to begin when their daughters are born.

“In today’s cultural climate with toxic social media and, in the schools, the radical indoctrination, the entertainment industry that panders to the lowest craving sometimes, it’s just not a fair fight anymore,” she told Marlow.

“And these beliefs have to be taught and nurtured and cultivated throughout a girl’s upbringing, not pounded on, not lectured,” she advised. “The book is filled with practical real life applications that [parents] can use. But the key is for mom and dad to be thinking about conservative values and how to instill them from the time their little girl is born, because it’s a very different world out there.”


Easton, who has worked with the Young America’s Foundation, said girls need to be exposed regularly to “traditional, smart, conservative people who want to help them, instead of just, ‘Well, we’ll just let her think what she wants and see what happens.’”

“No, no, you cannot do that in today’s world, if you want to raise a conservative daughter,” she asserted.

Easton described an affluent family she knew. “Great people, but, suddenly, their girls got to high school and they’re liberal, environmental extremist feminists, and they were so shocked!”

She explained those parents are trying to work with their liberal daughters now, attempting to see if they are willing to make some changes in their attitudes.

“It may be a hopeless cause, but sometimes you make a mistake and you catch it in time, and you can rectify it,” she said, still observing, nevertheless, that parents have no conception of the strength of the toxic cultural climate, further intensified by social media.

Easton said she decided to write her guide for parents and grandparents “because so many conservatives, many more than you might think, are shocked when their little girls go off to college, and turn into left-wing feminists.”

“So, the idea is to start when your kids are young, your girls are young,” she emphasized. “They’re not going to grow up by osmosis today. It’s not going to be like my family, we were all conservative, you grew up, you’re conservative, it’s not that way anymore.”

“It’s not a fair fight because the forces are so terrifying, arrayed against the family right now,” she warned.

Marlow asked Easton her assessment of the “default setting where we all go to universities and spend a fortune to become left wingers.”

She responded that, after seeing how one of her three sons, who attended Hillsdale College, developed, she would have liked to have said to all of them, “When you’re a senior in high school, you can go to Hillsdale or one of the more reasonable schools, or you can go to work. I would not spend the money.”

Easton said young people need to learn about the importance of faith and that America was built on faith in God-given rights, a concept, she said, they will not learn in most colleges and universities in the country.

“The truth is the reason America is exceptional, is not because we have, well, a beautiful country and great people,” she explained. “It’s because our rights come from God, and it’s the government’s job to protect those rights. And you’re never going to hear that in almost any history class in any college with a few exceptions in the country in America.”

“In fact, in the Declaration of Independence, the wording is that ‘endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights,’ as being impossible to take away,” she said.

Easton said parents and grandparents need to encourage their daughters to appreciate and celebrate the differences between men and women, instead of learning, as they often do in colleges and universities, to minimize those variations.

“Starting with the breathtaking miracle of childbirth, which is something that elevates females in a way that nothing else can,” she explained. “Yet, we know the left and the feminists teaching young women that having children is a burden, a patriarchal burden, an inconvenience, is a lie. Their propaganda that we’re the same is a lie.”

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