Shut Down: Portland State Black Lives Matter Takes Over Students for Trump Event

Black Lives Matter Activist

Student Black Lives Matter activists at Oregon’s Portland State University shut down a meeting of Students for Trump supporters, as shown in a video posted on YouTube by a citizen journalist with the name Laughing at Liberals.

The Black Lives Matter students’ goal was exactly what Black Lives Matter has shown time and time again: to act as super-predators taking away the free speech rights of people with whom they don’t agree.

The amazing footage also includes students trying to shut down the videographer by shoving their hands in front of the camera. The filmmaker, who was filming in a public space, knew the law, however, and quotes the Oregon statute back to the students.

As Laughing at Liberals described the video on YouTube:

It was utter chaos at Portland State University Thursday evening, as over 100 wackjob commie students crashed the forming meeting for Students For Trump. Fights nearly broke out, doxing and vandalism threats were issued to Trump supporters, Latino students were shoving the Trump students out of the way, another student encourages others to join anti capitalist groups, they shut down and silenced the pro Donald Trump group, mocking their talking points, whined about TRUMP chalk on the sidewalk, and it ends with the socialist students gloating about shutting it down and promising to come back if Students For Trump holds another meeting.

As Breitbart News continues to document, there’s an academic connection to these acts of politically correct violence.


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