Jack Donovan on the Milo Yiannopoulos Show: Men Need Tribalism


The latest guest on The Milo Yiannopoulos Show is the American author Jack Donovan, known for his works on masculinity, as well as his criticisms of feminism and gay culture.

The pair discussed their roles as gay provocateurs, where Donovan said “that there are no consequences” to being a gay man who challenges the lies of modern social justice warriors, adding that he doesn’t have to answer to his wife.

When asked what he thinks is going wrong for men in America, he said that the biggest problem is that men “have bought into a feminist agenda” and the fact that “there are no male spaces in the world” where men “can really understand who they are.”

On the topic of the Alt-Right, he said that one of the key factors in its success was that it sought to preserve Western culture in a way that mainstream conservatism does not.

“Men are realising that something’s been lost,” whereas the success of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is mainly a response to issues such as feminism and political correctness where he says that the left “really jumped the shark.”

“Everything has become so ridiculous that people are just sick of it,” he added.

Donovan also talks of his new book on tribalism, Becoming a Barbarian, in which he tells men “to go out and start again,” and that he seeks to “take apart men’s thinking of global consciousness.”

“You can’t be part of a tribe if you’re still trying to make everyone in the world happy,” he said.

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