Triggered Leslie Jones Fans Call On Twitter To Suspend Milo

Photo/Patrick Kane
Photo/Patrick Kane

Following Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ run-in with Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones on Twitter yesterday, Jones’ fans created the hashtag #SuspendNeroParty.

Jones blocked and reported Milo following a tweet he made about her reaction to hate mail she was receiving.

Following the tweet, many of Jones’ fans turned their hatred towards Milo, somehow believing him to be the primary antagonist of Jones Twitter drama, despite the fact that he had only objected to Jones’ reaction, not sent any “hate mail” himself. 

Because of its similarity to the earlier #KimExposedTaylorParty, many clueless Twitter users simply hopped on the drama bandwagon and began tweeting photos of celebrities to the newly created #SuspendNeroParty hashtag. As can be seen in the tweets below, some of the people tweeting didn’t even know who Milo is.

Others were just eager to keep the drama train rolling after spending all day tweeting their hatred for Taylor Swift.

Others, however, seemed to be quite aware of who Milo is and as usual started spouting the leftist buzzwords they’ve come to know and all – accusing Milo of being racist, sexist and hilariously, homophobic.

Milo however was not entirely silent during the course of this trending hashtag, tweeting out screenshots of Leslie Jones tweets that since have been reported to be fake.

Of course some of Milo’s fans quickly realised that a trending hashtag would have literally the opposite of the desired effect of #SuspendNeroParty.

With Milo’s Twitter followers continuing to rise, it seems that Milo’s detractors have once again only made him stronger. The unfounded accusations of racism and, hilariously, homophobia have no effect whatsoever anymore — it’s become a case of “the SJW who cried racist”.  Milo – and the rest of us –  really deserve a better class of enemy.

Milo tweeted his final comment on the doomed suspension campaign with a final message for Jones and her fans.

Try harder next time guys!

Lucas Nolan is a Journalism and Media student at Dublin Business School and a regular contributor to Breitbart Tech. He can be contacted via Twitter here: @LucasNolan_


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