Mickey Mouse (Paul Hiffmeyer / Disney / Getty)

Why Disney Passed on Buying Twitter

Although Disney seemed like the perfect suitor for Twitter, the company passed on the strategic acquisition over concerns that social media’s bullying, raunchy language and hate speech risked undermining the Magic Kingdom’s wholesome family image.

The official Twitter account of the Ghostbusters remake has seemingly endorsed Democratic …

Ghostbusters Tweets Endorsement for Hillary Clinton

The official Twitter account of the Ghostbusters remake has seemingly endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as the Democratic party’s convention comes to its conclusion.


Milo on Larry Kudlow: ‘Twitter Has Made Me Into A Free Speech Martyr’

Appearing on the Larry Kudlow show last Saturday, Breitbart Tech and Social Justice editor Milo Yiannopoulos discussed his suspension from Twitter, and how the Republican National Convention, which was held earlier in the week, had changed from previous iterations of the event.