Roger Stone on The Milo Show: ‘I think Hillary Clinton Has Bipolar’

Roger Stone Vallery Jean Getty
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The latest guest on The Milo Yiannopoulos Show is Donald Trump’s confidante and Republican strategist and lobbyist Roger Stone to discuss the party conventions, Hillary Clinton and the Trump campaign.

On the subject of Trump, Stone said that “the Trump you see on TV is the only Trump there is, he doesn’t have two personalities, he has one personality.”

He contrasted this with Hillary Clinton, who he described as having “two personalities.”

“Publicly, she pretends to be the warm, likeable grandmother. But privately she is a foul mouthed, short-tempered, nasty, vicious, extraordinarily abusive, maniac. I think she has bipolar, at least.”

“I have a new book out called the ‘Quotable Clintons,’ which I’ll bring be bringing to the public shortly.”

“It’s just a little booklet but it is her various quotes over the years, but you see her abusing police officers, abusing her security detail, just abusing people endlessly,” he continued.

Milo responded by saying that “this stuff is going to come as a surprise to lots of people because very often we don’t get a glimpse behind the scenes of what politicians are really like.”

“We have some kind of ready access into Donald Trump’s brain because of his Twitter account, but with Hillary Clinton it is very difficult to put your finger on a real human being,” he added.

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