Erik Prince on The Milo Show: Elect Hillary and ‘America Will Start to Look Like Egypt’

Hateful Hillary Matt RourkeAP
Matt RourkeAP

Former Blackwater CEO and U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Erik Prince joined Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos during the latest episode of The Milo Yiannopoulos Show to discuss Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and why it’s vital she doesn’t win if the American dream is to be maintained.

“You were talking a moment ago about the veterans who have suffered enormously, and they’re being completely betrayed it seems by the branch of government that’s supposed to be looking after them. Have you seen anything in Donald Trump that suggests he might work that out better, and are you worried at all that his bellicose manner might translate into excessive aggressiveness overseas?” asked Milo.

“I would characterize the excessive bellicosity, if that’s a word, as mostly showmanship. It all goes back to, he’s built and ran a successful business, and he’s produced some great kids. A bad guy doesn’t produce great kids,” replied Prince.

“What does the Bible say? By your fruits you will know them. Hey, he’s produced some pretty squared away kids. They’re productive, hardworking, adding-to-society people, and yeah, he’s definitely not a politician. He says what’s on his mind, unvarnished, and people are not used to that. So if people want America to continue on the same negative trend that we’ve been on for the last couple of decades, then vote for Hillary Clinton. But if you actually want to change things, and take power away from a centralized, bloated, and elite-serving government, vote for Donald Trump. It’s a pretty clear choice, and if America doesn’t change its trajectory that we’re on, I mean we’re twenty trillion dollars in debt… and that’s a debt we pile onto our kids, and generation, and generation. For me, a businessman, an entrepreneur, what a horrifying fact I learned two weeks ago is that the rate of business closure now exceeds the rate of business formation.”

“That’s very shocking for a country like America,” replied Milo.

“That is a frightening statistic,” added Prince.

“What that means is all this regulation, all the– in a lot of cases ‘feel good’, political correctness rules that get passed, an average of eighty-thousand new pages of regulations per year, pile on, and pile on, and pile on. And the poor guy, who’s got a great idea and he’s saved two thousand bucks from his hourly wage, he’s got a great idea and he’s trying to start it in his garage, he can’t start that business anymore. Because of all the regulation, all the lawyers, all the connectedness he needs, and that wrecks America. That wrecks the American dream, and so someone who collects as much money as Hillary Clinton does from special interests, from banks, from Wall Street, they’re not going to undo those regulations. They’re connected. They don’t need to de-clutter. America will start to look more like an Egypt, or another bloated super-state with a permanent class of poor people that can never get on the bottom rung of the ladder, and that is unacceptable. That is un-American.”

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