MILO: ‘Hillary Is The Ultimate Insider. She’s Inside Ambulances, Hospitals…’


MILO mocked the Clinton Campaign’s attempt to cover up Hillary’s health issues at a Millennials for Trump rally in Georgia today.

“Hillary is the ultimate insider. She’s inside ambulances, hospitals…” joked Milo, as the audience burst into laughter. “You know they said it was a vast right-wing conspiracy. They said you can’t talk about it. ‘It’s sexism and ageism to talk about Hillary’s health, and then…”

Milo mockingly collapsed to the floor as the podium rattled and the laughter in the audience grew louder.

“Every day, when the Hillary campaign wakes up. When they’ve finished their morning prayers to meccah” Milo continued. “They pray they that they don’t have another beautiful, barmy afternoon. Another overheating incident.”

“‘I don’t know what they’re complaining about, another mild seizure here and there'” mocked Milo, referencing the Clinton Campaign’s reaction to Hillary’s obvious health issues. “‘A few buckling legs. Who cares?'”

During his speech at the Millenials for Trump rally in Georgia, Milo also praised the high turnout of young people who wouldn’t usually be so enthused by a Republican presidential candidate. He also praised America as the greatest country in the world, before warning the audience about the dangers of Islam and political correctness that have already plagued countries in Europe.

Milo was preceded by Quaterrius Manuel, a black Republican teenager who was mercilessly harassed by Black Lives Matter activists after he appeared in a viral video where he debated a black Democrat on Donald Trump. Manuel asked the audience whether they wanted their country back, before proclaiming “enough is enough” and encouraging millennials in the audience to vote for Donald Trump.

National Vice-Chair and co-founder of Students for Trump, John Lambert, followed Manuel and listed various things that both Trump and Clinton had done, before asking the audience whether they thought it sounded like a candidate who should go to the White House or jail.

“I’m going to say a description of a candidate and I want you to say whether they belong in the White House, or if they belong in jail” said Lambert, before describing the controversies surround Clinton’s emails, the amount of jobs Trump has created, and Clinton’s cozyness with foreign dictators. The audience chanted “jail” for each description of Clinton.

Senator Michael Williams also spoke before Milo, where he encouraged the audience to “make your voices heard through every means available.”

Watch Milo’s full speech below:

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