MILO Asks Alex Marlow: ‘Is The Election Rigged?’


Breitbart Editor In Chief Alex Marlow and senior editor MILO discussed politics, the presidential elections and the implications of a Trump or Clinton presidency as part of an event at George Washington University titled “Marlopoulos” earlier this evening at 5:30PM EST.

Responding to a question about whether or not the upcoming presidential elections will be “rigged,” as Donald Trump has alleged, Alex Marlow said:

“In a nutshell, without a doubt the system and the election is rigged, I say that definitively. The question is, what is the definition of rigged? Is there enough of Democrats stealing votes and I think that’s what the media is trying to make it sound like Trump is saying but Trump always when he says the word rigged, follows it up with conversation about the media.”

“That is where Breitbart comes in, where Milo comes in and absolutely what we believe is that when you look at it and you’re seeing thirty to one coverage – in the same week WikiLeaks comes out and says that Hillary Clinton told a Brazilian bank that her dream is to open borders. That means no America folks, by the way if there’s no borders there’s no country. Do people agree with that? That it’s just a blob of land between Mexico and Canada that merge into each other.”

“You don’t have a country without borders and this was not discussed on any of the mainstream outlets because the mainstream outlets were so busy dedicating tens if not hundreds of hours to something that Donald Trump said on a hot mic ten years ago, some trash talk. Not saying I’m defending what Trump said – and by the way Milo I had to look up ‘hot mic’ and it’s not just the chocolate covered gentleman you’re going to be spending the weekend with. Which is what I thought it was!”

“Too easy! Too easy, not untrue but too easy!” replied MILO.

“He’s a graduate student, he’s got a few tattoos” jokes Alex to which MILO replied, “I don’t sleep with people with degrees.”

“So the media absolutely has it rigged”, continued Alex, “The fact that the signature moment of this campaign is that one candidate does not believe in borders is corrupt. It shows that the system is rigged and that should be the debate. Hillary should have to explain why she believes that we do not have sovereignty in the United States of America, that people can move out in freely.”

“And I should note, she was paid a quarter of a million dollars to say that. Would anyone pay Hillary Clinton $20 to hear her speak in this audience? She’s quite literally one of the least interesting people in the country. All the things she says are talking points that she’s focus grouped and poll tested and so where is the money going, why is someone paying her that much money? Clearly it’s about access.”

Watch the full event below.