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George Washington University Censors Chinese Dissident’s Genocide Games Art as ‘Racism’

Famed Chinese dissident artist Badiucao reported on Friday that satirical posters he created to lampoon the Beijing Winter Olympics were banned at George Washington University (GWU), ostensibly because the Chinese artist is guilty of “racism.” After a weekend of intense focus from human rights organizations, the university backed down on its threat to remove the posters and punish the students who displayed them.


George Washington U. Warns Students to Prepare for Political Unrest

Administrators at George Washington University are encouraging students to protect themselves from potential political unrest that may follow this week’s presidential election. Students were encouraged to prepare a week’s worth of food and medicine in their rooms in case it is too dangerous for them to go outside.


Law Prof. Jonathan Turley Condemns Cornell Professors for Shutting Down Black Lives Matter Criticism

George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley criticized his colleagues in a blog post last week for shaming those that have voiced criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement. A group of professors at Cornell Law School shamed Professor William Jacobson last week over a series of Black Lives Matter criticisms that appeared on his legal blog, Legal Insurrection.


George Washington University Prof: Thanksgiving Should Be a ‘Day of Mourning’

George Washington University is promoting one of its professor’s new books ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. The book, by professor David Silverman, pushes the narrative that Thanksgiving is a “myth,” and should be considered a “day of mourning” spent reflecting on “genocide.” The professor added that “white America’s triumphs have been borne on native peoples’ backs.”

Thanksgiving at Grandma's

Top 10 Craziest Campus Stories of 2018

2018 was filled with crazy campus stories. From affirmative action discrimination lawsuits, to “dick pic” seeking professors, campuses in 2018 never failed to entertain. Here are some of our favorite stories in this genre for 2018:

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