Milo ‘Trannies Are Gay’ Posters Taken Down By University Police Ahead of Delaware Show

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Posters advertising MILO’s show at the University of Delaware tonight have been taken down by campus police, according to university’s student newspaper in a post on Twitter.

One of the spotted posters says “Trannies are gay” in bold yellow letters over a picture of Michelle Obama, with the information for Milo’s event at the top and bottom.

A duplicate of the Michelle Obama poster with Caitlyn Jenner behind it instead was also spotted, while another simply states “Trans = Mentally Ill”.

Emily Bower, a student at the university, reportedly claimed “there’s hate behind it,” adding that the posters were “marginalizing two groups in one sentence.”

“So, Delaware played with fire (Milo) and now, effectively, get burned (hate speech)” posted the editor of the UD Review, Ryan Barwick.

Milo’s event is due to take place at 7PM EST tonight in the Mitchell Hall at the University of Delaware, where he is set to deliver a speech on transgenderism. The show is sold out.

It is not known who is responsible for the posters.

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