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Good evening and welcome to the Dangerous Faggot tour.  My name is Milo, the supervillain of the Internet.

I was voted supervillain of the Internet by every shaking and crying social justice warrior on social media. I won the election fair and square, because the election wasn’t held on George Soros-sponsored voting machines.

We’re here tonight to talk about candidates who aren’t so lucky.

Many of the stops on the Dangerous Faggot tour focus on big cultural issues,1`a like how well fat shaming works or how feminism is cancer for men and women.

Tonight we’re stepping out of the culture wars to talk about the upcoming election. I’ve been hearing from thousands of fans worried about Donald Trump’s chances.  

They ask me a straightforward question: “Is this election rigged against Donald Trump?”

The answer is equally as straightforward– of course the election is rigged.

But there are things we can do to fight it.

I read with interest an article about George Mason professor T. Mills Kelly, whose class “Lying about the Past” tricked the whole world a few years ago by creating false history on Wikipedia, stories tailormade to go viral on the Internet.

They only got caught when a future class took the idea to the next level by going to Reddit.  Unfortunately for the students, they didn’t count on Reddit’s intergalactic levels of autism working against them.  

They should have played it safe with Wikipedia, which is used to articles full of falsehoods– it’s their standard operating procedure, as you’ll know if you’ve ever read the Wikipedia article about GamerGate. Or mine.

The exploits of that class compare with the election today.  There is an unholy alliance between the democrats, a media willing to say whatever they have to say to get Hillary Clinton elected, foreign powers, and increasingly it seems the GOP is in on the game too.

The news today tells us Hillary is crushing Daddy in the polls, did nothing wrong with her email, reading Wikileaks is illegal and could get you arrested and oh yeah, we REALLY need to have a war with Russia.

This is all bullshit, something an increasing number of Americans are realizing every day.

During my career as a tech journalist in Europe, I quickly learned that tech journalism is a corrupt mess populated by hacks.

Then during Gamergate we learned the gaming press is a corrupt mess populated by hacks not interested in the hobby, merely in politicizing it.

Now during this election we’ve learned that the entire mainstream media is a corrupt mess populated by hacks pushing the political views of those in power with zealotry and mendacity.

I hate to say it, but is Fox News any better?  We have to turn to citizen journalists on periscope and maverick alternative media like Breitbart in order to get some semblance of the truth.

New powers are rising in this new landscape.

I learn more true things from a Paul Joseph Watson YouTube video or a Mike Cernovich Periscope — or indeed one of Daddy’s Facebook Lives — than from a week reading the New York Times.

So I don’t expect to hear much from the media about rigged elections until election day itself.  That is when it will be a story, when it is already over and done with and the grand high witch is in the White House.  

From now until November 8th, the media will be too busy trying to manufacture scandals about Donald Trump, cover up real scandals about Hillary Clinton, and trying to remain balanced on the tightrope of calling Trump a sexual predator while Bill Clinton is just a good husband and father.

Well a good step-father to Chelsea Clinton, at least.

Not any kind of father to poor Danney Williams, the alleged son he had with a black woman…. But let’s save that for another time.

Before we worry about voter fraud and election rigging in this election, we have to understand if this has actually been a problem in the past.  Could it all be mania about nothing, like the Y2K computer apocalypse that never occurred?

Well, history is filled with voter fraud.  America has gone through eras of political machines influencing elections in any way they could.

The Chicago political machine that resulted in President Obama had the famous saying “vote early, and vote often”.  

We know lots of dead people vote.  One of the Democrats most important tricks is to keep dead people on the voter registration rolls.  The dead are amongst the democrats most loyal voter blocs. They must have welfare in heaven.

One of the rare times that voters were purged from the books occurred this year in Brooklyn New York, where 100,000 voters were removed from the rolls.  Many suspect that they would have supported Bernie.  

By the way, the official being investigated in that voter purge, Diane Haslett Rudiano, had a very profitable real estate deal with Clinton allies before the purges happened. She made a 1,000% profit on the transaction – even better than Hillary did in cattle futures!

President Lyndon B Johnson is widely associated with fraud.  Many historians now believe his first senate win was rigged. It’s known as the Box 13 Scandal today, after a magical lost box of votes put him over the top by less than 100 votes.

LBJ was also involved in alleged vote fraud in Texas that along with fraud in Illinois put John F. Kennedy into the White House, according to JFK researchers like Roger Stone.   

Roger Stone knows something about voter fraud. He has been actively fighting it since before most of us were born.

Voter Fraud isn’t a thing of the long past either.  A Yale student and former White House intern proved in 2011 that there was voter fraud in the Indiana Democrat primaries of 2008.  The petitions to add Barack Obama to the primary had been forged, with whole pages of names signed in the same hand.

Some of the men responsible for that petition were arrested and charged. That is a pretty unusual result in voter fraud cases. Mostly they get away with it.

Indiana is back in the news with this election. They’ve found thousands of suspicious voter registrations with information that doesn’t match state databases, or were submitted incomplete, for example without a signature. Of course the organization behind these registrations is calling the Indiana State Police and the FBI racist for investigating them. We’re hearing that charge almost every day aren’t we?

One of the things about voter fraud in the past is that it was often brazen, they thought with a complicit media and election apparatus, no one was watching.  

Of course we know about rigged elections writ large this year.  Bernie Sanders was defeated in a completely rigged primary. Hillary Clinton was the anointed nominee before it even started.

Why, when the Democrats’ own primary was rigged, do they expect Americans to believe the general election will be magically immune?

We know from Wikileaks about constant and deep collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Donna Brazile should be Hillary’s honorary first lady based on their contributions to her campaign in the primaries.  

Not to mention the Super-Delegates, who gave Clinton wins in states where Bernie won the votes.

We know Bernie doesn’t care, sad to say. He got paid off to take his ball and go home…to his fabulous new beach house, I understand. But the legions of Bernie voters, and especially the young Bernie Bros on campus, can tell you all you need to know about being on the losing end of a rigged election.

Voter fraud and rigged elections isn’t only a United States problem, of course.  Would you expect fraud in Austria, of all places?  Maybe in a Banana Republic or someplace in Asia, but in Austria?

Well, the Austrian presidential election was decided by just 30,000 votes, and irregularities have been found in 94 of 117 electoral constituencies in the country.  One of the drivers of potential fraud is an unusually high number of postal ballots.

The stakes are high for Austria. Will they put a President in office who is committed to protecting the borders of the country from Muslim invaders, or will they put a president in office who wants to take as many muslims in as they can, as neighbour Germany has done?

Once again the Austrians are producing heroes to clean up Germany’s mess — I’M KIDDING, I’M KIDDING.

The election will be re-run in Austria.  Let’s hope for their sakes there aren’t further irregularities.

Turning back the United States, election rigging and voter fraud are not the exclusive domain of either Democrats or Republicans.  Both parties have gotten up to dirty tricks in their own ways, whether against their own in primaries or against each other in general elections.

What makes the situation precarious for Donald Trump is that both parties could come together to fight a Trump win.  We know there are plenty amongst the republicans that are already planning a Paul Ryan presidential run in 2020.  His wife’s boyfriend has given him permission to run at last!

Election fraud takes many different forms.  Some are old fashioned.  Like the dead people who rise from the grave to cast their vote.  Another form, as Project Veritas has shown, is buses tasked with taking voters from polling location to polling location casting votes in multiple places.

I recently read about a man named Pasco Parker who voted in three different states in the 2012 election. Any guesses which party he was voting for?

Of course we already know about the media’s role in election rigging.  Compare the coverage received by bogus allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump with the damning Wikileaks emails, and you’ll see the bias is as plain as day.  

When we read in the Wikileaks emails that Podesta held private dinners with dozens of journalists, did it surprise anyone? They are on the same team!

While the media works night and day to prop up Hillary Clinton’s candidacy as well as her security detail compensates for her drooping limbs, pollsters are doing their best to portray the race that the Democrats and the media want you to believe exists.

They continue to oversample Democrats, and according to Wikileaks work directly with the Clinton campaign to figure out the best way to skew the polls.

Pollsters would have you believe that the turnout for this election will be similar to Obama’s historic run in 2008.  It isn’t going to happen folks. Hillary can’t even get a fifth of my crowds, and I don’t pay unionists to show up!

The pollsters are part of election rigging. Their only goal is to demoralize Trump supporters into not voting.

They tried this with Brexit in my home country.   Even the day before votes were cast they said Brexit had no chance of passing and were predicting a massive remain win.  The pollsters were completely wrong, but in both the case of Brexit and the U.S. election the issue isn’t just that they are incompetent or indulging in wishful thinking.

The issue is they are attempting to skew the actual vote itself. This pattern plays out all over the west, always in the direction of the elite’s favoured candidates. This is what we mean by a rigged election: one in which all the interested parties and the architecture of democracy leans in one candidate’s favour.

From Wikileaks, we’ve seen Hillary Clinton campaign goons making the case that Hillary is so unlikeable with American voters, that the only way to get her elected would be a massive voter registration drive to bring in new voters.  

The possibility for fraud amongst newly registered voters is high, because no one checks particularly hard to make sure they are eligible to vote.

How many of those new voters are felons?  No one knows.  In a wikileaks email John Podesta hints at illegal registrations when he says, quote:

“On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a driver’s license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.”   end quote

To a certain extent this election was rigged before it even began, when Hillary Clinton was allowed to run for office instead of facing jail time. FBI director James Comey refused to file charges against Hillary in the face of all logic, leaving FBI agents on the brink of revolt.  

The most recent information published at Breitbart is that the wife of an FBI official overseeing the email case received more than $500,000 of contributions and support for a political run from Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe.  

Why is there always a friend of the Clintons and money involved?

These people make a mockery of the law, and you think they won’t make a mockery of the election?

The American election process seems almost designed to allow voter fraud and election rigging to occur.

There is a long early voting period, which invites fraud on mailed ballots, as in Austria, and Americans also have the insane idea of using voting machines, which are just hackable computers with no paper trails.

On one hand you have Smartmatic, a UK company with ties to George Soros.  They have run fair elections in absolutely above board countries such as….Venezuela. And now 16 US states are using their machines

Another manufacturer constantly under attack is Diebold, who makes ATM machines along with voting machines. It’s appropriate– their machines are used to withdraw the cash to pay for voter fraud, and the voting machines to record fraudulent votes.

If you are voting using a voting machine, make damn sure the selections stay the same before you submit. There are already reports of mysteriously changing votes.

I’ve skipped the elephant in the room when it comes to voter fraud, or maybe I should say the donkey.

In America, in many places you can vote without proving your identity.  This is incredibly foreign to me.  Granted, I am a foreigner, but I understand most American things besides baseball and country music.

Here is a short list of some countries that do require an ID to vote.  Many of them have a special voter ID to prevent election fraud:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • India
  • Greece
  • Mexico

Illegal Mexican immigrants have an easier time voting in America than they do in Mexico.  Think about that for a minute.

We’re told that proving your identity to vote is racist.  I on the other hand say it is incredibly racist to assume that black people and other minorities are incapable of getting a government ID card. I guess it goes back to old times where democrats tried to stop blacks from voting altogether.

But it seems in this day an age that preventing voter fraud is important enough to put a voter ID law in place nationally.   After all, requiring an ID to vote seems to be the only example of requiring an ID being racist.

Consider the following chart comparing racist and non-racist ID situations.

It is not racist to require an ID to:

  • Purchase alcohol or cigarettes
  • Open a bank account
  • Apply for any sort of government aid
  • Apply for a job
  • Rent or buy a house
  • Drive, rent, or buy a car
  • Get on an airplane
  • Get married
  • Buy a gun
  • Buy a pet
  • Rent a hotel room, unless it’s the sleazy kind I stay in at weekends
  • Apply for any sort of license
  • Visit a casino, or get a drink in a bar
  • Donate blood
  • Purchase an “M” rated video game.

How come it isn’t racist to require an ID for any of those things, but it is racist to require one to pick the next president?

Here is another tough question. Who is AGAINST free and fair elections?  Shouldn’t we all want the best man or woman to win?

If someone can’t come out completely against voter fraud, they should be far, far away from the election process, preferably behind bars.

If a significant proportion of the population is expressing concern about voter fraud, what does it tell you that the American establishment’s response is to loftily pooh-pooh their worries?

If we were liberals, now would be the time to whine about rigged elections, and open a patreon to gather fraud dollars.

We aren’t the left, we are the right, and the libertarians, and we are people of action.

So the first tactic to fight voter fraud is to have a massive landslide for Trump.  If Daddy blows Crooked Hillary out of the water, no amount of election rigging can help her.

Make sure everyone you know gets out to vote.  I hope even the NeverTrump Republicans like Bill Kristol get off their enormous asses and vote for Trump to avoid Hillary’s takeover of the supreme court.

NeverTrumpers really need to come around. Ben Shapiro, when you climb on your stepstool in the voter booth, no one will know that you voted Trump.  Do it for your country, and then go back to hating him in public for Wilks brothers cash.

There is a huge enthusiasm gap in favor of Trump that is not captured in the polls.  Trump signs and hats are everywhere you look, while I can’t find a Hillary sign off campus to save my life. We all know how the rallies compare. If this enthusiasm gap can last all the way to election day, fraud will be much more difficult.

You can be part of the solution. Volunteer at your local precincts. I bet a lot of Bernie voters wish they could have been in place monitoring the action during the primaries.  They missed their chance, but we haven’t.

We know the media is deadset against a Donald Trump presidency.  They won’t be reporting on fraud when it can still be stopped. We need an army of citizen journalists document strange voting activities with periscope streams, video, pictures, and every other broadcast method. If you see a bus full of voters, document it!

The media is no longer engaged in journalism– so American citizens have to do their job for them. Let them sink into failure as the media arm of the Democrat party.

Finally, and I couldn’t address this subject without explaining to you the seriousness of this, social media and Silicon Valley.

In a nutshell: don’t believe what you read online. To explain what I mean by that, please welcome my colleague from Breitbart, Tech Professor Allum Bokhari.

Allum Bokhari’s segment:

Good morning class, I’m here to talk to you about social media.

Before I begin, I’m legally obliged to give you a health warning. Social media is one of the leading causes of cancer today.

As we can see, if you’re a serious Reddit user, it’s already too late for you. No amount of chemotherapy will undo all those recycled memes and pleb-tier content. It’s just science.

But it could be worse!

Twitter was kind enough to verify me, so I should really be nice to them. What I shouldn’t do is show you a picture of Jack Dorsey and DeRay Mckesson with crudely drawn penises on their faces.

Twitter is the worst offender when it comes to bias. This usually takes the form of bans against high-profile conservatives and libertarians. Here are some of the tweets that have got conservatives suspended or banned from the platform.

Now, if you think any of these tweets cross the line, consider the sort of thing Twitter does allow on its platform.

Open incitement to violence against police officers. If you hurt a feminist celebrity’s feelings, that’s a bannable offense. But incitement to violence?

Twitter is the worst of the bunch, but there are other social networks out there. There’s also Facebook, which is much larger and more successful. Who knows how many users Facebook has?

It’s now 1.7 billion. That’s over a quarter of the people in the entire world.

Like Twitter, Facebook also likes to ban people with the wrong political views. After the Orlando shootings, they banned Pamela Geller, one of the world’s leading critics of Islam.

They eventually unbanned her, but only after conservative media raised the alarm. Many less prominent conservatives on Facebook aren’t so lucky.

Facebook is currently undertaking a voter registration drive. They present this as politically neutral, something to encourage all citizens to vote.

But in practice it favors Democrats, because Facebook’s userbase is still relatively young, and young voters tend to vote Democrat.

And that’s a platform that reaches more than a quarter of the human population. Scary stuff.

But not as scary as Google.

Google, like Facebook, denies it is politically biased. But an analysis from Robert Epstein, the former editor in chief of Psychology Today, found that Google does not autocomplete negative search terms for Hillary Clinton.

On Yahoo and Bing, if you type in “Hillary Clinton is…” you’ll get suggestions like “Hillary Clinton is a liar” or “Hillary Clinton is a criminal.” That simply reflects what people are searching for.

On Google, the same query will only turn nice recommendations like “Hillary Clinton is winning” and “Hillary Clinton is awesome.” And how many people do you really think search for those terms?

Google says they don’t allow disparaging results next to anyone’s name. But Epstein proved this was a lie: Google in fact does return negative results next to names, as long as those names are Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

Google also refuses to return search recommendations for queries about Hillary’s health, unlike other search engines. I’m not sure how those search queries are meant to be disparaging, but apparently they are.

Every Silicon Valley company is tarnished by similar inconsistencies. There’s Apple, which keeps banning anti-Hillary or pro-Trump games on its store. There’s Reddit, which is putting extraordinary pressure on its community of Trump supporters not to spread to other areas of the site. Wherever there’s a Silicon Valley company, there’s bias.

And that’s because their CEOs are all biased. At Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has said he wants Germany-style immigration for the United States. Sheryl Sandberg, as we learned yesterday, desperately wants Hillary Clinton to become President.

Google, meanwhile, answers to Erich Schmidt, who has been behind Hillary Clinton since the primaries. He even runs a campaigning organization called “The Groundwork,” whose mission is to use the talents of Silicon Valley to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

And then there’s Twitter … Need we say more?

Robert Epstein’s experiments have found that search engine manipulation, something that Google appears to be actively engaged in, can flip undecided voters at a rate of up to 20 percent, and up to 80 per cent in certain demographics.

That’s terrifying power, and it’s all in the power of progressives. And as we know, they’re perfectly happy to abuse that power. I don’t know if the election is a rigged game, but social media certainly is. Thank you.

Milo returns to the stage:

Thank you for your attention, God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless the USA.

Written from prepared remarks


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