BBC Tries And Fails To Ambush MILO, Asks If He Is A ‘White Nationalist’


BBC journalist James Cook attempted to ambush Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos, trying to draw a link between his opposition to Muslim immigration and “white nationalism.”

MILO began by explaining why he cared about free speech. “You should want your opponents to be able to express their views in the strongest possible terms, and you should want, if you’re confident that you’re right …. you should believe in an open marketplace of ideas.”

Cook then attempted to misrepresent MILO’s comments on Islam. “There’s a difference between being offended and disagreeing with someone’s facts or interpretations of something. For example you said today ‘Muslims hate everyone,’ ‘all Muslims hate everyone’ was your position, now maybe you were joking and maybe you weren’t…”

“Well you know I was speaking in context. You should ask me a question that’s not a deliberate misrepresentation of what I said in my speech, because you’re perfectly well aware from the context and rhetoric of the speech that I was talking about different minority groups. If you want to ask me a question about stuff like that you should ask me a question that is less disingenuous.”

Later in the show, the BBC journalist suggested that MILO’s opposition to Muslim immigration made him a white nationalist. “Isn’t that what some people would think of when they hear you don’t like the changing face of places like London, you don’t like Muslims coming in…”

“No, I’m talking about culture not race, and it’s typical of somewhere like the BBC to try to conflate the two, because what they want to do is suggest that if you’re proud of your country and the ideals on which your country is founded that somehow makes you a racist — it doesn’t.”

“I don’t care about skin colour … What I do care about is values and ideas, and the regressive social attitudes of Muslims in the west are terrifying, absolutely terrifying, and organizations like yours won’t report on them honestly, accurately or fairly. It’s left to other places to do it, and then what you do, once you’ve failed to report on them accurately, is accuse people who are concerned — with some justification — about the changing nature of their culture, not race … you accuse them of being white nationalist.”


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