MILO: ‘Men Don’t Give A F*ck About Phony Political Correctness Standards’


Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at Dartmouth University tonight giving a speech titled “In Defence Of Hazing,” in which he highlighted the differences between male and female attitudes to political correctness. 

MILO spoke to the crowded room saying, “Look at how all of these male journalists reacted to the Trump Tapes. They were “appalled.” They said it was “beyond the pale.” They waged a phony war on “locker room talk,” as if they had never heard or talked about getting pussy before. Well it’s a lie. And every single guy in this room knows it’s a lie. If I had a hot mic on all the private bullshitting sessions with your mates, I guarantee I’d be able to leak a tape as “shocking” as Trumps.”

“And there is nothing wrong with this. But the left wants you to be “outraged” by it. They hate the idea that, when behind closed doors, men don’t give a single fuck about their phony political correctness standards and language policing. They just let their guards down and banter, without a care in the world for “microaggressions.” It is a safe space away from ‘safe spaces.’”

“Because men don’t bond by eating bon bons and watching Desperate Housewives. They bond by telling dark jokes and brutally roasting each other. If a guy hasn’t called his friend a “cock-sucking faggot” at least once in the past week, they aren’t really friends. Taunting is how men bond.”

“View this dynamic through the lens of female friendships and it may be off-putting. But it makes perfect sense to men. We’re more rough and tumble. Even the fags. And there may even be some scientific basis to it. It’s not clear cut, but some studies particularly in the video game world suggest that allowing men to blow off steam in safe verbal or virtual ways may make them less likely to actually commit violent or aggressive acts. “

“It’s down the same path as the Christian Right’s war on violent video games and rap music in the Early 2000’s. There’s is nothing to suggest that playing Grand Theft Auto is going to make you any more likely to steal a car and beat up a hooker. And there is nothing to suggest that listening to Marilyn Manson is going to make you more likely to shoot up a school.”

“The Christian Right was wrong then and the Feminist Left is wrong now. And what young men do to bond and blow off steam is no one else’s business.”

Watch the full event below. 

Written from prepared remarks. 


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