Triggered: NY Mag Upset That Incoming National Security Adviser Flynn Is A ‘Big Fan’ Of MILO


New York Magazine has published an article titled “Incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Is a Big Fan of Milo Yiannopoulos,” before framing this as a negative. 

The article is written by Jesse Singal, who has previously attacked everyone that reads Breitbart as “hateful idiots” and derided MILO for the success of his university speeches, is now attacking Donald Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. Singal claims that Lt. Gen. Flynn “seems to live in a twilight zone of conspiracy theories.”

Ever since Donald Trump picked retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as his national security adviser, critics of the move have pointed out that Flynn, based on his Twitter account and speeches, seems to live in a twilight zone of conspiracy theories. Many of them involve Islam — as CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski and Nathan McDermott reported last week, Flynn has regularly pushed gonzo conspiracy theories about alleged Muslim plots.

Lt. Gen. Flynn spoke of MILO at a gathering of young conservatives at Trump’s Washington Hotel where he described MILO saying,

“He’s definitely, he’s one of the most different, one of the most brave people that I’ve ever met. We have different views on different things, but he is deeply, deeply conservative in his views about this country,”

The article further describes MILO, who is worth over $8 million dollars according to his recent interview with GQ Australia, as a “failed tech entrepreneur.”

Yiannopoulos, a failed London tech entrepreneur who once attempted to extort a former employee who asked for wages Yiannopoulos refused to pay until he was sued, has built a successful career out of getting progressives to react angrily to his outrageous statements, and by getting what appears to be a largely young and male audience of fans to cheer him on for fighting “political correctness.”

Singal’s article goes on to list some of MILO’s more popular articles and speeches,

Naturally, many of Yiannopoulos’s most offensive statements have involved Muslims: He has referred to “hordes of young Muslim radicals affectionately known as ‘rapefugees’”; compared Islam to the Borg, a murderous, leaderless cyborg collective from the Star Trek; and explicitly stated that Islam, not just radical Islam, poses a dangerous threat to the West. During a recent “art” event in New York, he bathed in pigs’ blood to make some sort of point about Muslims.

Read the article in full at NYMag.


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