MILO To Iowa State University President Steven Leath: ‘Waive The Fee’


MILO has challenged Steven Leath, the President of Iowa State University, to waive a last-minute security fee levied on organizers of his Dangerous Faggot tour stop on campus, which students say was designed to torpedo the event just a few days before it is scheduled to take place.

In a statement to Breitbart News, the office of the university president admitted that last-minute security fee hikes were “standard practice” at the college. They cited “physical altercations” at MILO’s event at DePaul University and a bomb threat at Florida Atlantic University as the reasons for raising the fee, despite the fact that both incidents occurred months ago, and students were only informed of the price hike this week.

In a statement, MILO has urged President Leath to reconsider his position.

Universities that hope to stop me by hitting students with impossible security fees should think again. The University of Alabama tried it, and backed down. The University of Minnesota tried it, and backed down. Students don’t accept the college’s reasoning, and, when they are informed of it, neither do the public. All President Leath is accomplishing with this fee is giving his college a reputation for slippery censorship tactics. He should carefully compare the reputations of Mizzou and the University of Chicago, and consider which route he wants to go down. Because make no mistake: if Iowa State University opts for the route of censorship and suppression, I won’t let them, or the public, or their alumni, or potential students, forget it.


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