West Virginia University President Backs Anti-Conservative Professor, Creates Support Hashtag

E Gordon Gee

West Virginia University president E. Gordon Gee backed conservative-bullying professor Daniel Brewster on Twitter last night, even launching a supportive hashtag following MILO’s talk at the university where he called Brewster out.

“The actions of one individual do not represent our WVU, and we do not stand for intolerance” posted Gee on Twitter.  #BecauseofBrewster we are better.”

Gee’s post received numerous replies from students who were angry that the college had given MILO a platform, with some even claiming that MILO had attacked Brewster because he was openly gay, despite MILO being openly gay himself.



Others were not so supportive of Brewster.



After listing all of the things he enjoys about West Virginia University during his talk last night, MILO declared that “There is one thing about this college however that I have got to tell you I’m not so fond of… and his name is Daniel Brewster.”

“I hear he’s fond of bullying conservative students. Has anyone been in a class with this guy?” asked MILO, as an array of students shot their hands up, with one student claiming that Professor Brewster said he’d give an “F” grade to students who didn’t agree with him.

“Well, Mr. Hamburger I am pleased to tell you, does not represent the totality of homosexuals” MILO continued. “This guy has put on some fucking awful LGBTQ event across campus… and has announced that if you show up to that instead of this, you’ll get extra credit. He’s bribing students with better grades not to show up and listen to conservative opinions because he doesn’t like the speaker.”

“Now his Twitter profile says: ‘I welcome the fact that students feel safer knowing that I will be an advocate for them and that I am willing to fight for their rights and their inclusion’. This is therapy culture. This isn’t education. This is someone whose primary goal is to make you feel good about yourself, however awful you are.” he concluded.

“He’s here to punish you for having the wrong political opinions and to eat cake. He is the personification, to be serious at the moment, of this cancer that is eating away at universities. Preaching tolerance in public and practicing censorship in private.”

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