WATCH: MILO Destroys Leftist Who Accuses Him Of Racism At UWM


Following his speech at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee about the left and race, Breitbart Senior Editor MILO destroyed a crowd member who accused him of racism over his Twitter ban. 

As MILO finished making a point about rapper Snoop Dogg moving to South Africa, a man from the crowd stood up and shouted something at MILO. “Alright pumpkin, let’s go!” said MILO challenging the ginger, bespeckled man to stand up and make his point,

“You claim to be this defender of black people, right?” said the man, “you claim to abhor racism in all it’s forms, this whole talk, this whole discussion is about how liberals are the real racists right? Isn’t this true?” said the man.

“Do you have a question?” responded MILO.

The man continued, “how do you claim to be the anti-racist, the one who’s calling out all the racists” MILO briefly interrupted hurrying the man along, “yes get to the question sweetheart,” said the Dangerous Faggot. “How do you claim to be anti-racist when you’re the one who got your followers on Twitter to attack Leslie Jones the star of Ghostbusters with a storm of racist tweets that compared her to a gorilla, didn’t you? How can you justify all this defence of Black America and claim to be the saviour of black folks when there is not a single black person in this audience?”

A black MILO fan in the audience immediately stood up as the crowd cheered, “Oh there’s one!” shouted the man, “you found one black person in the city that has the largest black population in the state to come to your talk so why aren’t there more black people here if you’re such a defender of Black America?”

“Ok we have two questions in there and I’m going to address both of them for you,” said MILO as fans began to cheer, “stop it, stop alluding to me being some sort of viper about to strike, I’m going to be very nice. First of all, stop believing everything you read in the press. What I did, you should have picked this up by now from whatever terrible blog you read whether it’s Vox or Mic or BuzzFeed or – not Gawker anymore thank god, but you should have picked up by now that the media doesn’t always get everything right. For instance, the last election.”

MILO continued: “I wrote as most of this audience will know, I wrote a very waspish review of the new Ghostbusters movie which is total fucking garbage and I said so and if our friend down here had read the review he might have known for instance that in the course of -” said MILO before being interrupted by the shouting ginger man in the crowd.

MILO continued, “if he had taken the time to read the review which of course he has not, he would have known that I actually mounted a defence of Leslie Jones, what I said was that I found it quite disturbing that she was expected to play what amounts to a sort of minstrel show, y’know this kind of ‘mmhmm’ black girl attitude that I found kind of out of date, we had that stuff in the 90s and it was a little bit  cringe then, it’s 2016, she’s a black woman in a Hollywood blockbuster, does she still need to play that stereotypical black character?”

“Couldn’t she have been a little more well rounded? Or couldn’t she have just been a little more normal and just happen to have black skin, that’s what that review said but you don’t know that because you didn’t fucking read it,” said MILO gesturing to the ginger man.

“What I later went on to do when I tweeted the review was make some jokes at her expense because she isn’t a particularly attractive woman and I’m entitled to say so she’s a celebrity, I said it was nice they put a hot black dude in the movie. I also, the joke being at my own expense really, talked about my sex life. I also said she was playing the victim  which of course she was, there’s a reason Leslie Jones went out complaining about the mean words she was getting on the internet, because the movie was tanking.”

“It is true that following the publishing of my review,” continued MILO, “that a small contingent of people on the internet said things to her that I found utterly disgusting and I have told every interviewer that cared to ask, which is not many of them, because they’re not interested in the truth they’re interested in identifying racists and ejecting them from polite society,” said MILO before once again being interrupted.

“Would the same people who complained that I was inciting harassment of Leslie Jones, not that she gives a sh** what I or some random avatars on Twitter have to say about her, would the people saying that hold Justin Bieber accountable for the death threats sent to Selina Gomez?  Would these people hold Beyonce responsible for the death threats that her friends send to Taylor Swift?” said MILO to the crowd.

“Would these people hold any other person in public life responsible for the actions of their fans or is it more like that there is a double standard at play when it comes to libertarians and conservatives that means no matter what you do or what you say or how you say it, could there be that there is a double standard and that on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, and nobody could ever produce anything ever in the history of my journalistic career, and let me tell you they tried, could never produce a statement that could plausibly be identified as racist. Most of the reports didn’t even include the tweets that got me banned, the jokes at her expense, because they were so funny that the journalists realised that it undermined their case.”


Watch MILO’s full talk at UWM below.