#SHKRELOPOULOS: Martin Shkreli To Guest Star At MILO UC Davis Event


Twitter’s latest political victim, entrepreneur Martin Shkreli, will be joining MILO at UC Davis for the first event of the Dangerous Faggot Tour’s third leg.

This news comes shortly after the suspension of Shkreli, a seemingly similar fate to that of his host. Both he and MILO were banned on grounds of “harassment,” a term that continues to be diluted by progressive activists.

Prior to this, Martin was last known for his controversy in the Big Pharma world. As the founder and chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, he raised the price of AIDS medicine Daraprim from $13.50 to $750.

For months following, the world threw a fit over this news, but rarely gave Shkreli the light of day. In reality, the price hike did not affect how much the drug’s users would pay for it, as healthcare premiums covered it regardless. The raise was more of a cost for Big Pharma, as they took the financial hit, not the people.

#SHKRELOPOULOS is set to begin at 10 PM Eastern Time this Friday, 13 January. The joint talk will be streamed live on Breitbart.


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