WATCH: UC Davis Protester Screams Obscenities At Martin Shkreli


Entrepreneur Martin Shkreli was confronted by an irate protester outside UC Davis, where he was scheduled to appear on-stage with Breitbart senior editor MILO before the event was cancelled.

Shkreli can be heard talking to the cameraman about having “conversations” and “viewpoints that may or may not be -” before he is interrupted by the protester, who screams that Shrekli is a “f***ing c**ksucker” and “piece of sh**” who “raises drug prices for cancer patients.”

Shkreli was framed as a villain by much of the left for allegedly raising the price of the AIDS (not cancer!) drug Daraprim. In subsequent interviews Shkreli has pointed out that his company has taken steps to ensure that the cost to patients is zero, and that if patients cannot afford the drug, his company gives it away for free.

ABC10 reporter Frances Wang reported that a protester also hurled “what looked like dog poop” at Shkreli. However, Shkreli has told Breitbart Tech that the missile was in fact a pile of leaves.

Shkreli was also filmed outside the venue discussing his plans to explain feminism to MILO.


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