WATCH: Iranian MILO Fan Confronts Protesters At UC Davis


An Iranian MILO fan confronted protesters outside MILO’s cancelled UC Davis event last night, before being called “racist” by the left-wing activists.

“No taking away freedom of speech, no Allahu Akbar type street thugs taking lectures away!” said the young man who later stated that the was an immigrant of the Islamic Republic of Iran. When asked why he thought people were protesting the man said, “because we came here for a lecture that they disagree with and they took it away by thuggery and intimidation,” a protester interrupted him shouting, “no place for racists!”

“How do you know I’m a racist?” the man asked as another protester attempted to block the camera.

“I came here to watch a lecture, they took away my freedom!” said the man gesturing to the angry protesters. As the young man turns to address the camera, a large flag is pulled over him and used to block the cameramans view.

“MILO is a master of public humiliations, he’s so intelligent in manipulating his adversaries and institutional organisations to do his bidding for him,” said the young man, “I did not know there was an event today, I’m too busy, I’m a JD-MBA student, I don’t have time for this. I got an email from the dean of UC Davis, telling us that he knows that there is a lecture that the privileged class of this neighbourhood disagrees with and he told us that there might be intimidation and violence to stop the expression today.”

“We had these kind of street thugs beat us around, lock the doors, because of these street thugs intimidation and violence, the expression was taken away and there was no lecture done. I emigrated here from the Islamic Republic of Iran where this kind of event used to be a daily affair, people that were disagreed with were labelled,” the young man then described a phrase that means to disagree with the supreme leader of Iran.

“And they used this kind of street thuggery to stop the exchange of ideas and to prevent those that have merit, have meritorious earnings, to express themselves. Today this kind of street thuggery domination took that away.”