WATCH: Protester At MILO March ‘Happy That Windows Were Broken’


During MILO’s march on UC Davis campus in protest of his event being cancelled by college administrators last night, protesters arrived to tell MILO once again that he was a fascist and admitted to breaking campus windows, a claim that UC Davis previously denied.

“We protested because we think you’re an a**hole and we don’t want you here,” said one protester to MILO, who stood on a table in the quad of UC Davis. “Oh ‘we’ is you, do ‘we’ come and break windows? Did you break windows?” replied MILO, referencing reports from last night that the protesters had resorted to breaking campus building windows and hurling barricades at police and event attendees, events that UC Davis have explicitly denied happening.

“I didn’t break windows,” the man replied. “Well were you happy that the windows were broken?” MILO asked, to which the protester replied, “yes I was.”

MILO then asked the man was he a student at the college which the man replied that he was, “You’re a student at this college and you’re happy that your fellow students tuition fees were being spent on new windows?” asked MILO.

“I found it amusing,” the young protester replied.

“Now one of the things that I was going to talk about last night,” said MILO throw a megaphone, “was the peculiar sort of strategy the left now uses to legitimise their own violent response to your ideas. This new language of  ‘student safety’, the idea that somebody’s physical safety could be endangered by some sassy gay Brit with the wrong opinions is ridiculous! It’s ridiculous! And they use the language of physical safety to try to scare you into not speaking up for your values. Well I’m happy to say and this demonstrates, it ain’t gonna work anymore. There is no threat to student safety from somebody with the wrong political opinions.”

The red-hatted protester in the crowd wasn’t happy about this and attempted to explain the thuggery that last night’s protesters resorted to, “we tried to get our words out and express our opinions but they drowned us out,” said the man gesturing to the crowd, “so the only reaction we had was to smash windows to get attention.”

“I don’t think he’s very happy about Trump winning do you?” said MILO to the crowd of cheering conservatives, turning back to the protester MILO said, “‘ the only way we have to express ourselves violence’  I don’t think so. I think you’ve had your say.”

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Watch the full event below.