‘Stab MILO J20’ Banner Spotted In Seattle Prior To University of Washington Talk


A sign urging people to “stab MILO” was spotted on campus prior to the Breitbart Senior editor’s speech at the University of Washington.

The sign, which was spotted by MILO fans, was  chained to a pedestrian bridge spanning 15th Ave NE in Washington and reads, “STAB MILO, ALL OUT J20.”

According to the University of Washington, the banner was taken down “very shortly” after they became aware of it, and the university police department is currently looking into the incident.

J20 supposedly refers to January 20th, the date of Donald Trumps inauguration. #J20Resist has become a popular hashtag on Twitter being used by those that plan to protest the inauguration, socialist groups have even adopted the name setting up a website at J20resist.org.


In a comment, Breitbart Senior editor MILO said “I’m constantly accused of ‘hate speech’ and ‘violent words’ by journalists, activists, and officials. In the U.K, the government’s ‘anti-extremism’ task force intervened to stop me speaking at my old school.

If my detractors are really so concerned about words that inspire hate and violence, it’s clear that they ought to be turning their spotlights on loony-left professors and gender studies departments first. That’s where the thugs who beat up Trump supporters and throw around threats of violence are coming from.”

MILO’s event at the University of Washington is set to take place on January 20.


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