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University of Washington

YouTuber Arrested Following Text-To-Speech Bomb Threat at College

A YouTube content creator who allows viewers to pay for the ability to play certain messages, sound effects, and songs while he roams around in public, was arrested after a viewer paid to play a bomb threat sound effect while he was at the University of Washington.

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Researchers Develop ‘Fake News’ AI Video Generator

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new video creation method utilizing A.I., allowing them to create videos showing politicians and public figures saying things that they never actually said.

Fake News Trump Ad

MILO Fan at UW Appears Covered in Bruises, Cuts, Paint

A young man in an American flag hat that attended tonight’s MILO event at the University of Washington showed a local news reporter his face, which was covered in blue paint and several facial wounds.


MILO Slams ‘Commie Sleazebags’ Of DisruptJ20

In his speech at Washington University, MILO condemned the “commie sleaze bags” who today tried to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.


MILO Cameraman Assaulted, Equipment Broken

Matthew Perdie, the official cameraman for MILO’s Dangerous Faggot tour, was filming protesters outside the University of Washington when he was suddenly assaulted and his equipment thrown to the ground. Luckily, Perdie was recording the entire time meaning that we have two angles of the attack which can be seen below.