MILO: ‘America Has a Problem With Fake Hate Crimes’

Milo UCCS 4

Breitbart News Senior Editor MILO declared that “America has a problem with fake hate crimes,” during his talk at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs tonight, citing numerous news stories that turned out to be false.

“The left didn’t learn anything from the beatdown they suffered on election night. In fact they are doubling-down on their identity politics,” claimed MILO. “Conservatives aren’t just deplorables and racists, we’re ‘white nationalist hatemongers’. And white women and the working class who voted for Trump are too. They’ve ramped up their fake news activities to prove how wrong we all are, and their top weapon is fake hate crimes.”

“America has a problem with fake hate crimes. The left is always searching for the next big outrage, and sometimes when the pressure gets too high, they just decide to make them up,” he continued. “That is basically how the UVA rape fantasy that ran in Rolling Stone came about by the way. This trend has just accelerated since the election. Fake attacks on Muslim women seem to be in vogue right now. But it isn’t a new trend. I wrote an article in May 2016 that documented 100 fake hate crimes in the last decade. 100 of them! And surely there were more that just didn’t make it into the public eye.”

“I bring this up because Colorado Springs is part of the list. In 2015, threats were left outside of a predominantly black church referencing the KKK and a second one says ‘Black men beware, you are the target’,” MILO declared. “There’s just one problem…. This is the evil racist local police found behind the messages.”

In Scooby Doo unmasking fashion, MILO displayed the image of the black perpetrator onto the projector.

“Woops, it’s a black guy!” he announced. “Sadly, this is part of an increasing trend in the US towards sensational but untrue stories. Fake hate crimes are the original fake news.”

“I mentioned the UVA rape case, which was a complete fabrication happily carried by the leftist media. Of course everyone with a brain knows that rape culture on campus is a myth,” he concluded. “1 in 4 women on campus will not be raped, and American universities are not more dangerous than war-torn African nations.”

“Sorry about it.”

Written from prepared remarks.

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