MILO: ‘Why Are We Funding Illegal Immigrants?’


Breitbart Senior editor MILO appeared at the University of New Mexico today to deliver his immigration policy speech entitled, “Americans Deserve Borders”, where the Dangerous Faggot ripped into illegal immigrants, the hijab and the threat of Islam.

MILO spoke about the effect of illegal immigrants on America saying, “Going back to George Borjas, from Harvard, he gives us several things to worry about. Firstly, no one has a real clue how many illegals there are in this country. The government likes to say 11 million, but that is not based in fact, just a bit of math. Someone at some point estimated 10% of immigrants were illegal, and they stuck with it. Your tax dollars at work.”

“But in California, when they decided to issue driver’s licenses to illegals, they had double the number of applicants they expected based on that math. So many the number is 20 million. Or 30 million. You guys have absolutely no idea who is in your country thanks to an effectively open Southern border.” said MILO, “Illegal immigrants, like legal immigrants often end up on Welfare and public assistance. These are low-skilled workers, not doctors and lawyers. According to Borjas, 46% of immigrant families end up on welfare in some form, as opposed to 27% of American households.  Welfare laws were tightened in 1996, but immigrants seem to have no problem getting assistance.”

“Illegal immigrants get the same types of assistance for their children. We are left with an important question — why are we in the west funding other people’s families when we can barely support our own? Thirdly, Borjas points out that illegals dramatically reduce the wages of legal workers with similarly low skill levels.  These are legal Latinos, blacks, and poor whites.  Why should companies pay legal workers when they can get away with paying illegals less?”

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MILO’s events are normally livestreamed via YouTube however livestreaming capabilities were disabled on MILO’s account earlier today. The speech will be posted in full on MILO’s YouTube account after the event.

Written from prepared remarks. 


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