MILO: ‘I’m Going To Build A Wall Myself, Construction Starts Now Bitch’


Breitbart Senior editor MILO appeared at the University of New Mexico today to deliver a speech on immigration policy entitled, “Americans Deserve Borders,” where the Dangerous Faggot ripped into illegal immigrants, the hijab and the threat of Islam.

Speaking about President Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall along the Mexican border, MILO said, “I love liberals and conservatives who say a wall isn’t effective. Do you remember when I said we could look at Europe to see what Muslim immigration does? I wish we could look somewhere to see what a wall does.”

Cutting to a slide of the Western Wall in Israel, MILO said, “Oh yeah! My people built a wall in Israel! And it works wonderfully. It does what it is designed to do, keeping out the bad guys. And Trump’s wall will greatly diminish the flow of illegal aliens. There are people that claim the wall physically cannot be built. Give me a break, America is the greatest country on Earth, and can do anything it decides to.”

“Your country built the Panama canal using steam shovels and hard labor. How can a border wall be harder than that? And the cost of the wall? It’s a rounding error compared to Obamacare. And if you don’t think Donald Trump can get Mexico to pay it, well. Mexico is governed by career politicians just like most countries, and Trump will eat them alive.”

“Speaking of walls, tomorrow I’m heading down to El Paso to build a wall myself, right on the border of Mexico. A couple months is too far away.” said MILO cutting to a slide that reads “CONSTRUCTION STARTS NOW, BITCH.”

“Every country deserves to have control of its border, and decide who is allowed to immigrate. Wanting this doesn’t make you racist, evil, or even particularly conservative. America is blessed to have two big oceans, and Canada, which is, I understand, a sort of culturally barren snowy wasteland full of moose and transgender 5-year-olds. But it has a large border to the south that MUST be controlled if America is to flourish.”

MILO wears glasses by Versace, $240. Eyelet boyfriend womens tee by True Religion, $79. Police vest, $299.50. Black Jordan True Flight 7s by Nike, $140. Snake-embossed leather baseball cap by Gucci, $560. N The Skull Pendant by Swarovski, $199. Black acid washed skinny jeans by True Religion, $250. Skull ring by Swarovski, $110.

MILO’s events are normally livestreamed via YouTube however livestreaming capabilities were disabled on MILO’s account earlier today. The speech will be posted in full on MILO’s YouTube account after the event.

Written from prepared remarks. 


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