MILO Praises Cal Poly President For Tough Pro-Free Speech Stance

Milo Cal Poly 1

Breitbart News Senior Editor MILO praised Cal Poly University President Jeffrey Armstrong during his talk at the college on Tuesday, citing the president’s dedicated commitment to free speech.

“There is more to love about Cal Poly!,” declared MILO after listing the things that he liked about the college. “You have a freedom of speech loving President named Jeffrey Armstrong, who has made the brave decision to take a stand against speech-hating crybabies, and follow the path of the University of Chicago instead of the University of Missouri.”

“President Armstrong put out a definitive statement about tonight’s event, and hasn’t budged an inch,” he continued, before quoting a statement from President Armstrong:

It is, in fact, the university’s responsibility to support the rights of all people to express their opinions and ideas – regardless of how unpopular they may be – while also encouraging students to think critically and independently.

Protecting freedom of speech is not an option, it is a critical responsibility that the university, and all of us as members of a democratic society, must defend.

“Just kidding, I’m not going anywhere. President Armstrong is right, and the left is absolutely furious,” MILO concluded. “They know they will never win in a world with free-speech, so they fight to censor everything to the right of them. It’s the same thing as when these idiots call everyone on the right a Nazi. They even do it to me, but the Nazis hate my guts! That word used to hold weight, you know.”

Written from prepared remarks.


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