Cal Poly

California Police Credit Podcast with Helping Solve 25-Year-Old Cold Case

A podcast focusing on the 1996 disappearance of college freshman Kristin Smart has helped California police make arrests in the 25-year-old cold case. Law enforcement officials credit the Your Own Backyard podcast with bringing “valuable” evidence forward that led to murder charges against the long-time suspect in Smart’s disappearance.

Kristin Smart

Cal Poly Students Demand $140K for ‘Marginalized’ Peers

Students at California Polytechnic State University are calling on the school to allocate more than $140,000 toward “marginalized” students on campus, claiming that the school lacks diversity. One student even argues that the university is “really hard for us to be at,” adding that marginalized students are “being pushed out.”

Protesters rally at Teachers College at Columbia University October 10, 2007, in New York

Cal Poly Faculty Votes to Ban Chick-fil-A from Campus

Faculty at California Polytechnic University recently voted to ban Chick-fil-A from campus, accusing the restaurant’s charity arm of being “in violation of our values” and suggesting that Chick-fil-A’s presence on campus is similar to having pornography or a Hooters establishment at the school. The university president, however, is expected to veto the faculty vote.

Chick-fil-A protest

‘Underrepresented’ Students Issue Demands at Cal Poly

“Underrepresented” students from an unrecognized consortium of minority student groups at Cal Poly–known as SLO Solidarity–have joined the ranks of other student-led protests throughout the country and presented a list of 41 demands for diversity initiatives for administrators to implement.