MILO Berkeley Event Evacuated as Masked Protesters Light Fires, Storm Venue


MILO’s event at UC Berkely was cancelled and the venue evacuated over an hour before it was scheduled to begin, after masked left-wing protesters stormed the venue, overturning police barricades and lighting fires.

The event devolved rapidly after the arrival of a large number of black-masked protesters, who immediately stormed the venue’s barricades, threw fireworks towards police officers, and lit fires.

Multiple fires have been recorded on video, and police are attempting to subdue the crowd with rubber bullets. Police have advised members of the public to stay away from the area surrounding the venue.

A live video stream of the protest and coverage can be found here. ABC7’s reporter stated earlier that there have not yet been any attempts to put out the fire, and that police had withdrawn from the balcony above the crowd where they had previously been stationed.

According to the reporter, police issued a dispersal order to the crowd, declaring it an unlawful assembly, but they have not yet attempted to move the protesters out of the plaza.

In a comment, MILO said “At Berkeley, once the home of the free speech movement, leftists tried to set a building on fire to stop me speaking. Leftist violence is now completely out of control. Soon it’ll be the conservatives that’ll need safe spaces … with armed guards and fire extinguishers!”



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