Berkeley Mayor Repeats ‘White Nationalist’ Lie About MILO After Previously Apologizing


The Mayor of Berkeley appeared on KTVU and claimed falsely once again that Breitbart Senior editor MILO is a “white nationalist.”

“I do think he is a white nationalist,” said Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin. “So why apologise?” asked the KTVU host, referring to a tweet Thursday from Arreguin in which he said, “I regret and apologize for the white national label.”

“Well I think that we probably shouldn’t be using labels, but he [MILO] announced I think that he’s going to be funding a scholarship for white men and has said a lot of hateful things about women, about minorities, about Muslims,” Arreguin backpedaled. “I think that his speech frankly is hate speech personally but he does have a constitutional right to be heard. It’s not the views that I believe in, it’s not the views that the people of Berkeley believe in.”

“But as the leader of the city would you open the doors again to him?” asked the KTVU host. “No I would not,” confirmed Arreguin, “clearly because the response was violent and was aggressive and we need to balance going forward the right of free speech with the need to preserve public safety and I think that’s a conversation that we’re going to have to have with the university going forward.”

The mayor of Berkeley previously apologised for calling Milo a white nationalist in his initial statement in reaction to the violent riots at UC Berkeley. However, in a revised statement, he continued to slander MILO, calling him a “prominent alt-rightist,” and claiming that MILO is part of a group and ideology that he has rejected on multiple occasions.

Responding, MILO said, “Wrong again. Will he apologize this time? And, while he’s at it, take responsibility for gleefully encouraging the riots last night?” this is a reference to the mayors tweets shortly before MILO arrived,


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