Penn State President Claims MILO Creating ‘Anti-Free Speech Movement’


The President of Pennsylvania State University, Eric Barron, claimed that Breitbart’s MILO is creating an “anti-free speech movement,” adding that the university “dodged a serious bullet” when they canceled his talk.

Discussing the riots that took place at UC Berkeley in protest of MILO’s event, Barron said that Penn State had “dodged a serious bullet” in that MILO’s event was canceled. after both parties failed to reach a contractual agreement.

“He’s creating his own anti-free speech movement wherever he goes because his message really is, tear down the university, they’re just a bunch of liberals that don’t want to listen to anybody,” Barron continued.

He went on to claim that protesters are generally not students, but organized by “anti-fascist anarchist groups” who follow “white supremacists speakers and the MILO’s of the world.”

One of the key objectives of MILO’s tour was the promotion of free speech on typically censorious American college campuses. This week, legislators announced a Tennessee bill to protect freedom of speech on college campuses, known as “The Milo Bill” in recognition of his contribution to promoting the First Amendment.

Barron’s speech was part of the university’s ‘All In’ campaign, designed to promote diversity and inclusion on campus, suggesting ideas such as “specially-designated diversity-related courses” to increase “understanding of social justice and equity in the U.S,” as well as diversity training for the university’s police force.

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