Hollywood Reporter: MILO ‘Comes Across Like a Teddy Bear’ On Real Time


The Hollywood Reporter claimed MILO came across “like a teddy bear” during his appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Friday.

Although the author of the piece writes about MILO in negative terms, he also notes that the Breitbart editor’s performance on Maher would make viewers wonder why leftists were rioting over him. He also notes Maher’s scorn for liberals who “take the bait” on MILO.

Friday night on his HBO show, Bill Maher interviewed Breitbart News editor and right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, and people were shocked, shocked, that Maher would book a guest who was politically incorrect,” wrote The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck.

Having heard much about Yiannopoulos without having ever been exposed to him (yes, I live in a liberal bubble, but in my defense, the air is much cleaner here), my chief reaction to the controversial figure while watching the show was to wonder, ‘This is who people are rioting over? This lightweight, Russell Brand wannabe?’

Maher seemed less offended by his guest, who admittedly was on his best behavior, than the liberals he scorned for taking the bait from the ‘impish British fag'” sitting next to him,” concluded Scheck. “Otherwise, the show was a fairly typical episode.

You can read the full article at The Hollywood Reporter.


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